Who Am I?

I have been a war-gamer since the early 90’s. It all started with issue 143 of White Dwarf magazine and I still have it to this day, I saw it in my local news agents and had just enough money to buy it that was 21 years ago. From them humble beginnings I have gone from strength to strength with Games Workshop. Over the years I have strayed over to other model company’s but i have all ways come back to Games Workshops ranges.

Over the years I have tried most ranges that GW has released from Warhammer 40000 to Necromunda and others in between. I have collected most 40k armies with my 1st army being Orks  followed on by eldar, catachan imperial guard, Iron warriors chaos space marines, sisters of battle and finally my own chapter of space marines.

Push on to the 3rd edition of 40k and I begin collecting Orks, space wolves, imperial guard most of my 2nd edition armies are gone  by now and i begin to play less and less games.

next up comes the 4th edition this time I spend most of my time working on the imperial guard,tyranids, emperor’s children,Tau and grey knight’s. I play even less games this time round.

Now we come up to the 5th and current edition. This time round the Orks and Blood angles take over the imperial guard also get some reinforcements.

Now I am going to concentrate on my 40k armies, I have at the moment Blood Angels, Orks, Imperial Guard, that are painted ready to be used. I also have Grey Knights, Tau, Necrons, Dark Eldar, Space Wolves, Tyranids, emperor’s children, and Daemons of Chaos that are all in need of dire amounts of work to get them back up to speed.

So this blog will hopefully push me forward into getting my models finished and hopefully get some battles in.

  1. Hi I have been trying to find a copy of The Journal which shows “Scyrak The Slaughterer” on the back. I did own a copy of that Journal when it first came out but my ex set fire to it when we split.. hmm.. ANYWAY would it be possible for you to take a scan of the pages of Scyrak The Slaughterer and send me them? I would really appreciate it! Thanks 🙂

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