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This year has been a mixed bag for my hobby.
I started by rebooting my Tyranids and Chaos Space Marine Iron Warriors, as well as working on some Black Templars space marines and Chaos Daemons. With the closer of my local gaming club, I had to bring my cities of death terrain and realm of battle boards back home. This in turn lead to a reboot of my CoD terrain invoking some new pieces (to replace some that were damaged) and a new lick of paint! This lead to my Blood Angels and Orks taking to the battlefield once again. All quite on the martian front showed up the tail end of June, I assembled quite a bit of my 1st wave but my health took a u-turn and I spent the best part of 2 months in hospital. When I came out I got into Zombicide (one of the old gaming group brought a copy in to hospital for me to try). The last few months have been taken back up with AQOTMF.

Next we move to kick-starter projects, and what can I say? Well in a nut shell of the 14 projects (4 are from this year) I have backed since 2013, only 3 have been fully shipped!
Of the rest well,
Deadzone: waiting on wave 3.
Tablescapes: giant cock up, waiting for re supply.
All Quite: waiting for wave 3..
Incusion: things are progressing slowly.
Mars Attacks: waiting on HB book and missing items.
Shadows of Brinstone: waited 4 months for wave 1, going to be another 12 before I see wave 2.
Aliens vs Predator: looks to be another cock up.
Both zombicide S3 and afterlife have only finished in the last 6 months and so their is nothing to say about them!

movie wise I have only seen 1 film at the cinema, The Hobbit: The Battle Of Five Armies. It was a good film and an excellent finisher for the trilogy, but was let down in two parts (I will not say what parts for those that have not seen it) but hopefully the extended edition will sort them out. Watching TBOFA has made me want to watch the other 2 Hobbit films as well as the LOTRs trilogy (just got return of the king left).

As I said before my health took a turn for the worse in the summer, this in turn has lead to me not working since. This In turn has lead to me “thinning” my collection out via eBay and some of the Facebook groups, I still have along way to go with loads to get rid of!

Looking towards next year I plan to set some goals……………


They Are Here!!!!………

Posted: January 30, 2014 in Tyranids, Warhammer 40000

On Tuesday my Tyranids turned up, after removing the shrink wrap from the boxes and had a look at the contents. The “new” warriors  and Hive/Tyrant guard  boxed sets are rammed full of extra goodies like bone swords and lash whips.

I had spent Monday sorting out my old Tyranids from storage, and have found most of my models. One of my metal Hive Tyrants leg had broken off as had the two upper arms from a Lictor. My Zoanthrophes, Hive Tyrant, Lictors went in to paint stripper. And at the same time I sorted out 3 warriors, 8 Hormagaunts, 8 Termagaunts, and 8 Genestealers which had never been painted, ready to be under coated with Alien Purple.

I also glued together my plastic Hive Tyrant and a Tyrannofex which I had started some time ago, as well as finishing of a Carnifex.

Yesterday I started to undercoat everything that was ready and today I started to paint on the details………….

Over the weekend I went to my local gaming club, now its the first time I have been since before Christmas (it may have even been late November). But I was pleasantly surprised to find out we had 4 new members, 2 of them were die hard Warmachine/Hordes and Collectable Card Games players (I am not going back to buying WM/Hordes models, i’ve been their and done that. And I am not one to play CCG`s).

The other 2 were brothers who had gotten into Warhammer 40000 last year, and had been mainly playing in the local GW store. Now I have to admit I avoid the store like the plague, This is due to the fact that many moons ago I worked for GW (in my then local store) and the guy who runs this store is in fact one of the guys I used to work with. Don’t get me wrong he is a really nice guy and the store is always full, but I left GW way back in the summer of 1999, and he is still working their. And I am afraid that I know what I want when I go in to a store, I don’t need to be told that I need X, Y, Z, unit when all I need is a pot of paint! (this was one of the reasons I left).

Any way the brothers had brought with them their copy of Dark Vengeance boxed set, I went and pulled out a dusty plastic storage box containing my 40K  ruins and urban terrain. As they played they made comments about how good it was to play a game with proper terrain and not books and boxes as terrain. They offered me a few games but with all my 40k armies at home (and at the moment I am struggling to remember the rules, its been ages since I have played a game) I declined.

It did how ever give me the itch to start up playing 40k again, the other guys at the club can be very fickle when it comes to games. And 40k has not been played for sometime (I think the last game we played was the old Tyranid Attack board game back in 2012).

So on the way home I popped into my local supermarket to get some bits for home, and picked up a copy of White Dwarf……………..

All because on the front cover was a nice new Tyranid Harpy/Hive Crone model and inside was a whole host of new models, so I took the plunge and ordered the models from the internet with a 20% discount.

So I ordered.

Codex: Tyranids.


Ravenor Brood.

Harpy/Hive Crone.

Hive/Tyrant Guards.



Swarm boxed set (95 models For £105 less 20%).

and some army painter sprays………………… Alien Purple!

So the new copy of White Dwarf has just dropped through the door. And inside are 3 new flyers for 40k, The Ork Bommer, The Necron Doom/Nightscythe and The Space Marine Stormtalon.

Now don’t get me wrong I like all 3 kits, with the Ork Bommer being my favourite. The Doom/Nightscythe reminds me of the Cylon raider from Battlestar Galactica and the Stormtalon reminds me of an old GI Joe toy that i had many years ago when I was younger.

Out of the 3 kits the Ork Bommer will be added to my growing waaargh at some stage, the Storm talon may get added. But at the moment it is only codex chapters that can use it, so its no good with the Blood Angels or Space Wolves. And at the moment I have no plans in restarting my Necron army, well not yet………..

I have also picked up a Tyranid Tyrannofex/Tervigon from eBay for the small amount of  £22.00. The model is only part made (the main body has been glued together).

All in all since my last post I have done 0% painting but have cleaned up 5 Grey Hunters for my Space Wolves.

And for the next few weeks I will get nothing done as I’m off on holiday for the 1st time in years. When I return I shall be finshing off my Tyranids and starting on the Wolves of Russ………….

Bugs And Paints……..

Posted: April 15, 2012 in Tyranids

Some weeks ago I won a auction for 3 biovores, Well they have taken 2 weeks to turn up. And I was a little bit shocked, the picture showed what looked like 3 fine-cast models but they are in fact metal just with a heavy coat of primer. So this morning I decided to strip them in trusty old paint stripper. The amount of paint on them was unbelievable, but now I have 3 shiny models already to be painted up.

Speaking of painting I gave the new citadel paint set a try this afternoon. I used a dark angels captain model that I have had knocking around for ages. I decided to give edge highlighting ago, and while my attempt was not perfect I was impressed with the results. I will use the technique again at some stage but it is not some thing I would use on the rank and file troops of an army.

Well some 21 years ago today I got hold of my first ever GW plastics boxed set Tyranids and Terminators.

At the time I was young and fresh into the hobby, and my path to damnation was not set in stone. Fast forward to the present day and today much to my surprise my partner gets me the new Hive Tyrant/Swarm Lord plastic kit for my birthday. How strange that I am working on the same models that I was 20 years ago!!!!!!!!

I’ve spent this morning putting the beast together as a winged Hive Tyrant, and with the plastic bits that are left over I will make a Swarm Lord with the now OOP metal Hive Tyrant kit. I have also come in to possession off  2 OOP metal Venomthropes and 2 Fine-cast Hive Guard from an auction from eBay.

Now I can see what all the fuss was over the Fine-cast models.

The 1st one is a perfect casting, but their were still a few flash lines. But over all I would give it 9.5 out of 10

The 2nd one on the over hand needs some work doing to it. It has quite a few air bubbles around the backs of the legs,and parts of the carapace need fixing up with green stuff.  This one I would give a 6 out of 10.

I am glad that I got these from eBay for £8.00 each rather than the £15.50 price tag from GW. Painting wise I have not got much further with my Tyranids as I have been busy for the last few weeks and will be for the next couple of weeks.

A Lazy Day.

Posted: March 23, 2012 in Imperial Guard, Tyranids

Well yesterday was a nice lazy day for me. I spent the morning finishing off my Carnifex, and then primed some more tyranids (8 Hormagaunts and 8 Termagants with fleshborers). I have also come across not one but two of the old Armorcast resin 40k  Tyranid vehicles the Exocrine  (the one with the gun on its back) and the  Malefactor (the one with the big claw type things). Now these guys were made under licence in the U.S.A by Armorcast in the late 90’s. And I picked up the  Malefactor in 2000 and the Exocrine a few years later with the intentions of using them in the 3rd edition. But as with all things they got put to one side and left, Even when i restarted my Tyranids in 2005 they still lay un-touched by paint or glue. But now in 2012 they may well see action on the field of battle. With the Exocrine counting as a Trannofex and the  Malefactor counting as a Tervigon.





I have been looking at the plastic  Trannofex/Tervigon and have been thinking about converting them in to some of the other Tyranid vehicles from the epic range, just updated to the newer style.

The rest of yesterday afternoon was spent watching an old WW2  film called Objective Burma, This film along with another one Merrill’s Marauders were what started me collecting my Catachan Jungle Fighters all those years ago. It was White Dwarf 180 December 1994 that had the first look at the new range of Imperial Guards men that were going to be released over the coming months.

I still have my Jungle Fighters, they have not seen the light of day for some years I may have to get them out at some stage just for old times sake…………..