Posted: November 5, 2014 in All Quiet On The Martian Front, Mars Attacks, terrain

So since my last post have I received any emails about my KS pledges? NO.

Has their been any news? Not really.

Secret Weapon have said Mantic should be shipping by the end of the week. Mantic told  Secret Weapon they have had to get boxes in specially for the tiles (really how long have they known about the sizes of them?) After all they did want the deadzone tiles ASAP so they could sit on them until they were ready to ship DZ wave 2. As is the norm with Mantic I will be one of the last to get mine.

Mars Attacks, no signs of anything from Mantic on this. Hopefully it will turn up before the Table scape tiles. If its all correct when it turns up I will be surprised.

Shadows Of Brimstone, well its been 6 days now and no new shipping emails have been reported. Rumours are running rife that their are not enough copies of the game for backers, but then their are rumours that they are still sitting in the warehouse with not enough staff to deal with them. All in all FFP are keeping very quite, they last logged on to the KS page 05/10/14 and have not been on since. Unfortunately it is beginning to damage their reputation with many backers getting very jumpy over the lack of communication.

Speaking of lack of communication or should that be miss-communication?  we have All Quite On The Martian Front. Now don’t get me wrong I love most of the models, but the wave 2 shipment is getting beyond a joke. On the Facebook page and the AD forum a number of people have been voicing their opinions about the last update #161. Now AD said when they had finished shipping wave 1 that they “had learned valuable lessons” for shipping wave 2 (and 3). Well it looks like these have been thrown out of the window (or forgotten). At one stage they said they would send out all Non US orders first, and then move on to the US order so that most of the shippments would turn up around the same time. Well as far as anyone can tell the few people that have had stuff are from the US, no one who is out side of the US has received anything. Add to this the whole selling at retail saga is doing nothing to help AD’s reputation. I posted on their forum that it would have been better to open up the pledge manger to KS backers and offer them a smaller discount then what they did originally, something like.

Land Ironclad:  $55.00 Ks price, $195.00 RRP , Maybe offer it up at $100.00 or $120.00, Plus shipping.

That way backers get a second chance at purchasing stuff at a discount while still bring in funds to counter the short fall that was made for shipping. I’m sure many backers (myself included) would have jumped at the opportunity, in fact if i think about it their was about $200.00 (KS prices) worth of stuff that I would have added. As much as I hate to say it,its the one thing mantic did right with Deadzone.

Oh well nothing else to do but sit back and wait…………..


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