Un-Boxing The US Command Squad And Mobile Artillery Tanks……………….

Posted: November 12, 2014 in All Quiet On The Martian Front

The other day I ordered 3 AQOTMF sets, which turned up this morning (2 of which were not part of the KS), Unfortunately one of the items is wrong and needs replacing!

So I only have 2 sets, first up is

US004 U.S. Command squad

IMG_2201 IMG_2200











As you can see the command squad comes in a “clam” shell pack.

Which contains,

1 large oval base (88mm x 115mm),

1 plastic tent,

9 infantry figures (5  dough boys, 1 radio operator, 2 officers, 1 signal man, and a wooden platform and ladder)

The set costs £10.00 ($14.00) and I really like the officer reading the communications pack (3rd model on the bottom row). Over all each figure works out at £1.10 each but if you factor in the price of the tent (about £1.25) and the platform (say another £1.25) you are looking at about 80p a figure. I will be using this set as my “field commander” rather than a basic command squad (which will be made from basic dough boys and HMG teams.

Overall a good little set, which is worth the money. The only draw back is their are NO “red eye” points on this set which I think is the norm with the blister packs.

finally we have,

US012 Mobile Artillery Tanks.

IMG_2203 IMG_2202




















As you can see the set contains 3 metal and plastic Mobile Artillery Tanks. I have already reviewed the plastic steam tank sprue


So we can skip that part (it is worth noting that the panel line issue still applys). And so on to the metal parts. First the fit of the upper hull could have done with a couple of locating “lugs” on the underside to allow it to line up with the plastic hole, as their is a few “mm” movement left to right. The gun shield fits neatly to the front of the upper hull with the angled section to the top (and not to the bottom as some people have done). The gun and the mounting have very few details, a door for the breech and a small handle are the only details. Their is also a sprue of 3 shells to add to the inside of the upper hull. Now for the strange part The Architects of War website lists 3 crew models for each tank, however each tank only has 2 crew. I had 4 poses shown in the picture, 2 “officer” types and 4 (2 of each pose) loaders.

This set costs £28.50 ($40.00) and so is  a  £10.50 add on for the plastic steam tank set, and you get 10 “red Eye” points. The only down side is their are no instructions in the box (not that they are hard to figure out) but you are directed to the Architects of war website. As I have said before the plastic steam tanks would be great for making different variants of steam tank and this proves it. Much the same as the plastic chimera and rhino from games workshop, that have been turned in to various other vehicles via metal,resin or plastic add ons.

Any one thinking of doing 40k in 15mm could use these as Basilisks or Medusa artillery tanks.

I have also ordered the Martian MR017 Shock drones, MR016 Scorpion drones, TR009 artillery trench set, and  US025 the US land Ironclad…………..

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