Looks Like Some Kind Of Secreted Cardboard…………

Posted: April 2, 2013 in Aliens, terrain, Tommorows War
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Some of the stuff I have ordered for my Aliens games have started to turned up.

I ordered some  plastic embroidery canvas from ebay to use as texture for the floors. I got 12 sheets for £16.11, each sheet is 210mm x 279mm and comes with 14 holes per 25mm. I will use this and some plain and chequer plate textured plastic card to make the flooring.

Next up some 3mm and 1.5mm backing card, I had no luck trying to find any locally to me so I had to hit the internet I ordered 10 sheets of 3mm in A3 size, 10 sheets of 1.5mm in A4 size, and a roll of corrugated card. Which set me back £19.00 which included the postage.

All I need now is the models so i can work out sizes, At the moment I am going with 20mm washers for all the “man” sized models. Which means I am looking at 40mm wide x 30-40mm high corridor.

I am not going to make a dead match of Hadleys hope from the film and game but will use bits and pieces  to make my own shake and bake colony. Some parts will come from the film like C and C, Medlab, North lock and the Alien Hive.

Now lets see about doing some sketches…………..

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