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I’ve been quite the past few weeks, mainly due to having a stinking cold, and decorating the flat. The cold was a bad one for me, normally I would do some painting but this time I was knocked for 6. Luckily the new settee is also a sofa bed, so I have had the luxury of watching all the Blu-Rays I have picked up since we moved in.

But I have been thinking about my Warhammer 40000 armies that are boxed up. Over the past few years,  40k  has changed. As each new codex is released something new gets added like Thunderwolf cavalry for the space wolves, The Stormraven for the Blood Angels and the god awful “fantastic four” land speeder for the Dark Angels. Don’t get me wrong I know that they need to make new units to keep the “Army” fresh after all all us veterans are not going to go out and buy a re-tooled sprue of marines just because it has a nice new box. But that is far from the point, for me their is nothing left in the 40k universe. Each new wedge that GW pushes into the background pushes me away from it.

Now everywhere I look on the internet all I see is Kick-starter campaigns for fledgling games all trying to get a foot on the ladder. Some grab my attention but most get pushed aside one that did grab my attention was the Mongoose Publishings Judge Dredd kick-starter last year. But in the past I was Burned by Mongoose with their Starship Troopers miniatures line. It all boiled down to the fact I spent a large sum of money on the starship troopers line with them at Salute model show some years ago. Only to read on their forum that they would no longer be supporting the game a few days later, I would not have minded but I had a long conversation about the game with the guys on the stand and their was no mention of it being dropped.

Any way back on track I missed out on the Dredd Kick-starter, and it seems people are getting their goods. Now Mongoose have put up details of their new kick-starter

Now Rogue Trooper is one of my all time favourites from 2000AD magazine it is also what got me in to 40K in the first place I am sorly tempted to jump right in feet first with this and go for the major pledge £200 which gives me 10 choices from the list.

As it stands now The Rulebook, Souther Squad, Nort Squad and Rogue himself have been achieved as the basic package.

also unlocked over the weekend was the Nort elite Assault Squad and the Nort and Souther officers sets. With the Skorpion Battle wagon and Venus Bluegenes coming in with the next goal.

Now I need something to fill the 40k gap is this it? I have 26 days before the kick starter finishes what do i do……………………………


Ragnar Blackmane.

Posted: July 5, 2012 in Space Wolves

One of my all time favourite models has to be Ragnar Blackmane, now the model was first released way back in the mists of time (or the early 90’s) and is still going strong.

But it is starting to look a bit dated its got to be pushing 20 years old but it is and always will be one of my favourite models. How ever with the coming of my new Space Wolves army the old model does not fit in with the new style models. But from the beginning of this project I wanted to do a conversion of Ragnar to bring him up to date.

I had 3 choices.

1. The plastic Space Wolves pack set.

2. Gabriel Seth of the Flesh Tearers.

3. Kor’sarro Khan of the White Scars.

Out of the three number 1 and 2 were covered, 3 on the other hand was not. Luckily when I was on holiday in the Florida I came across a comic shop that sold GW  models, after searching the racks I came across Kor’sarro Khan. I purchased the model along with a few others and when I returned home I started to chop him up…………

That was a few weeks ago, now I have started the conversion back up. First up i cut the power sword from the model and filed down any chapter iconography from the model. The left shoulder pad was cut away to the rim to allow the plastic wolf helm from the boxed set.

next up is the head and chain sword…………….

This month I had intended to work on the Space Wolves, at the moment that hangs in the balance of work and free time. With the Olympics being held at the end of the month I had intended to take 2 weeks off, Due to the fact that I have to travel past the Olympic stadium each day.

Which was my way of saying “space wolves here I come”  2 weeks worth of modelling and painting.

But all is not lost i have just spent the past 4 hours clipping models from their sprue’s. I did this to “tidy” up my games room as i have had the biggest box of sprue’s sitting their for weeks. Normally I clip them from the sprue as soon as I get them. But for some strange reason these guys have sat their waiting,  perhaps it was because I was hoping to start them or am I having 2nd thoughts about them?

In all I have clipped

40 Grey Hunters/Blood Claws.

5 Wolf Guard in terminator armour.

3 Thunder Wolves.

2 Drop Pods.

10 Scouts.

Add these to,

10 Grey Hunters.

10 Blood Claws.

10 Wolf Guard.

3 Thunder Wolves.

1 Hero on Thunder Wolf.

2 Dreadnoughts.

And a Razorback.

And I have a fairly big Space Wolf army, Add on to that my old OOP stuff, and well it gets even bigger………….

I have been busy for the last month. With being on holiday in Florida for two weeks, and then jumping back into work within a day of landing. While i was in Florida I came across a comic shop that stocked GW models and I picked up two models for my Space Wolves on will be used for a conversion of Ragnar Blackmane, and the other was a Cyberwolf in finecast. Now as with most things work has taken back over my life and have had little free time.

I have how ever picked up a copy of Space Hulk: Death Angel and a boxed set of OOP terminators from the late 80’s. Also in a fit of madness i picked up a copy of Tommorows War from Amazon for the low price of  £11.98 (I have had the idea of trying out something other than 40k, and at a different scale 15 or 20mm)

As for 40k 6th edition I ordered it as soon as Maelstrom Games put it up and took advantage of their 16% off summer sale (saving me £7.20 of the RRP)


Now lets see where did I put those 15mm not Aliens Colonial Marines?

So the new copy of White Dwarf has just dropped through the door. And inside are 3 new flyers for 40k, The Ork Bommer, The Necron Doom/Nightscythe and The Space Marine Stormtalon.

Now don’t get me wrong I like all 3 kits, with the Ork Bommer being my favourite. The Doom/Nightscythe reminds me of the Cylon raider from Battlestar Galactica and the Stormtalon reminds me of an old GI Joe toy that i had many years ago when I was younger.

Out of the 3 kits the Ork Bommer will be added to my growing waaargh at some stage, the Storm talon may get added. But at the moment it is only codex chapters that can use it, so its no good with the Blood Angels or Space Wolves. And at the moment I have no plans in restarting my Necron army, well not yet………..

I have also picked up a Tyranid Tyrannofex/Tervigon from eBay for the small amount of  £22.00. The model is only part made (the main body has been glued together).

All in all since my last post I have done 0% painting but have cleaned up 5 Grey Hunters for my Space Wolves.

And for the next few weeks I will get nothing done as I’m off on holiday for the 1st time in years. When I return I shall be finshing off my Tyranids and starting on the Wolves of Russ………….

So I have been busy the past few weeks and my models have been on hold. Now with a good old day of rest I have had a chance to go through some of the space wolves that I have picked up from eBay.

Two of the eBay wins included brand new in blister Fine-cast models.

First up is Arjac Rockfist. over all the model is a near perfect casting, the thunder hammer was twisted and part of one of the feet has a small section missing over all I would give the casting a 9.5 out of 10.

Next up is Njal storm caller in terminator armour. Now this model is a perfect casting, the only problem is Njal’s rune staff which is slightly bent but with any luck it will be sorted out when the arms are attached to the body. This one gets a 10 out of 10.

I have also picked up Canis Wolfborn and a Forge world venerable dreadnought from ebay, and have also dug out all my old space wolves.

On another note i am have major problems with ParcelForce or should that be ParcelFarce, they claim to have delivered a parcel (containing more space wolves). But the website tells me they have left me a card, which must be invisible. Now they want £11.00 to redeliver on a Saturday or £5.50 to deliver to another address.

Well we have had the wettest April for some time, and April has flown by. My new paint set has had some use but not a great deal.
I have picked up the new imperial armour modelling master class book which while being a great read uses many of the old GW paint range. Meaning that many of the guides are of no use to many people as they will not know the names in the new range.
I have also picked up the fortress of redemption and started picking up space wolves from eBay. In preparation for re-starting my old army up, I’ve picked up two sets from eBay which will give me a solid force that only needs some armoured support to back it up. Add to that what I already have 3 oop dreadnoughts Ragnar,Njal,Ulrick,and Logan I will be able to make a decent force. This will be my summer project which will be started sometime in June. Now let’s check eBay to see what else I can find.…………