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Towards the end part of last week i started working on some terrain for my Doctor Who  games, in the form of some rocks, walling and rivers. Now normally i would scratch build these, but at the beginning of the year. The rocks and walling needed very little work, just a quick fill and sand. The rivers on the other hand needed some heavy duty sanding, both on the base and on the edges. There were also a few air bubbles that needed filling, but apart from that they are nice solid pieces.

Infact i have already owned a set of the rivers some years ago, but they were made out of plaster and over time they became chipped and broken. Work also continues on my Realm of Battle boards with all of them covered with sand and sealed.

I have had to take a rest from painting models at the moment due to a pain in my left hand, which is making it difficult to grip things for any period of time.


Since last Saturday I have been struck down with a nasty flu bug, normally they only effect me for a day but this one has gripped hold of me for 4 days. It has given me the time to catch up on my large pile of Blu-Ray films to watch. Painting models has been out of the question which is a pain.

I’ve ordered my tickets for salute 2013 at ExCeL in London on the 2oth of April. I did not go last year and the year before was a waste of time, hopefully this year will be better.

On a side note The Rogue Trooper kickstarter seems to have hit a brick wall this time last week it had achieved over £19.000, now the total has dropped down to £17.625. Which is a shame as mongoose really cleaned up with the JD kickstarter, but they seem very quite with the RT kickstarter.

When you take into account it has been running for 25 day and it has had 5 updates, none of which show any new models.

We get to see these lovely 3D tanks, staff cars, etc. But going by mongooses track record and looking on their forums the manta tank for JD is way over due, at one stage they said chirstmas (just not what year).

unless things change drasticly in the next few days I may well end up cancelling my pledge