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Lets begin this story back in February this year.

I had heard rumours of Kick starter to do with the Rogue Trooper (RT) character from 2000AD comic, and thought to myself I need to back this. When I was younger the likes of Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper and the rest were a my weekly treat in British comics. And as I had missed the Dredd kick starter I was more than happy to back this one

Roll on March, and the end of the KS I had pledge of £300.00 for a total of 15 sets from the list on the home page. I had already decided that this game for me would be a skirmish game (10-20 models per side) rather than a full on all out battle. I also decided that I would like to recreate the events of the Sov invasion of MC-1 and so filled out the pledge manger to allow me to do both. 

Roll on April,May,June. And no sign of any models. Then in July we get an update, telling us of changes in the structure of the company. But they are working on the models

Now August, and September pass, nothing much happens apart from a few lies from the creator of the project. By now I have had enough, we have seen nothing  and received nothing. They even had some of the JD models at Salute 2013 (they also had the manta prowl tank, which JD backers were still waiting for!).

As we start into October and November, enough is enough I have had enough and want my money back. we are told the sculptor has made weapons, heads and pouches and has sent them off to be molded and cast up. He has also made 1 model (with out arms) but he is not happy with it, and so is starting something else…………..Which did not get funded for its stretch goal!

So in 8 months we have seen 4 models, 1 of which was rather naff, and 3 that we are NOT getting. So last week I had enough and posted a rant which got a a response from the creator near enough straight away now it seems I have started something over their as others are joining in now. One of the things that bugged me was after RT finished they launched another KS for a card game but it never reached its funding goal, but it has been released and is for sale on their web-store.

We was told that we would see some pictures on the Tuesday 19th, That never happened.

Then we were told it would be Thursday the 21st, guess what that never happened either.

So to sum it all up:

I am very disappointed with Mongoose Publishing, I was looking forward to gaming in the 2000AD universe. But after being burnt by them once before with the Starship Troopers line many years ago, then with the JD rule book from Wargames Vault in the summer, and now the lies about RT. I have had enough. I see that the backers of JD seem to be having similar problems, and I wonder how many backers of that who wanted a Manta Prowl Tank would like to know that I have one. And I was not even a backer!

As for the models that I have I may well keep them but then they may well end up on eBay who knows!

So to any that read this,

Approach Mongoose Publishing with caution.

I will never back another Kick Starter that is created by Matthew Sprange or Mongoose Publishing! 


Last week my parcel turned up from the states containing my Aliens and Marines from khurasan miniatures and i have to say they are brilliant models and I cannot wait to start work on them.

DSCN0049[1]Next up are a large selection of Judge Dredd models that i picked up on ebay, 3 gang boxes and 28 individual models from Brit-city judges to kleggs.


So the rogue trooper Kick Starter has been flying along now for 3 weeks but now things seem to have stalled, and the money has been hovering around the £18.000 mark for the past few day. Things seem to have stalled a little with it but with any luck their may be a push towards the end (fingers crossed).

f57d40e22a974c1ee7eade3f7d0f12c0_largeTowards the end of last week Mongoose published a update to the basic rules allowing you to use the RT rules to play out games set during the apocalypse war period of Judge Dredd, They also offered up some packages for JD models in the Kick Starter.

a09accb2f5706b639eba9d9dcd732b6b_largeNow I may need to increase my pledge……………