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Back in 1973 a lone Sontaran warrior battle with the 3rd Doctor in medieval britain (the time warrior). The 4th doctor would battle another lone warrior in 1975 (The Sontaran Experiment) on earth in the future, And an Invasion force in 1978 (The Invasion Of Time). They then appeared for the last time in the classic series with the 2nd and 6th doctors in 1985 (The Two Doctors).

The next time they would appear would be with the 10th Doctor in the 2008 (The sontaran Stratagem and Poison Sky). They have also had appeared with the 11th doctor in 2010 (The Pandorica Opens) and 2011 (A Good Man Goes To War).

Big Finish have also released several Audio’s which feature the sontarans.

So here is my small Sontaran strike force of 13 models.

DSCN0175I have split them in to 2 groups of 6 and 1 model is the commander. Now i have to admit that i was not looking forward to painting these guys. But in the end i went for a simple black and silver colour scheme with brown being used for the skin and an all over black ink wash. All in all they only took 3-4 hours to paint the lot.

I have also managed to pick up the citadel/FASA version of Romana from ebay. For some strange reason i saw a picture of the model on the net and fell in love with it.

_MG_2086-01This picture is from solegends. And the model is sculpted from Romana’s (Mary Tamm’s) first episode.



Some reinforcements for my Sea devils in the form of 8 sea devils and a Myrka. I also have another Myrka that escaped the camera when i took the original pictures. These new Sea devils are from the boxed set DW1015 and DW513 Sauvix. I had a parcel turn up the other day from BTD that contained 10 Vervoids, 10 Draconians, 5 Ogrons, and some WW2 russians. not bad really being as i only ordered the russians last friday, and the rest the week before…………

DSCN0169 DSCN0171

U.N.I.T first appeared In the Web Of Fear in 1968, battling the Yeti in the London Underground (sadly episodes 2-6 are missing). And then again in The Invasion the same year.

They would then return for the Doctors exile to earth in 1970, for much of the 3rd Doctor’s travels and the ending with the 4th Doctor’s adventure the Seeds Of Doom in 1976.

U.N.I.T would not reappear until the 7th Doctor’s adventure Battlefield in 1989.  That would mark the end of any official U.N.I.T actions, But they lived on in novels and audio adventures.

For my U.N.I.T troops i have gone for a “dark” shade of green, which has turned out a lot better than the original green i used all those years ago. Despite the models being very poor sculpts,  and with the Brigadier,Yates and Benton looking nothing like the actors who played them, they were a joy to paint.

DSCN0162 DSCN0163 DSCN0165 DSCN0167 DSCN0168And what has the 11th doctor found now?


One of my favorite characters from “new” Who, Was Donna Noble (played by Catherine Tate). For some time I have been hoping that someone out their would sculpt a model of Donna. Well last month crooked dice released versions of 11th doctor, Clara and Donna, which i picked up with River song and Rory and a few others. So I have spent the past few days painting up various models that i had started but not finished these include:

Mel (6th Doctor’s companion).

Grace Holloway, Chang Lee, and The Master (from Doctor Who the Movie).

Captain Jack Harness (9th,10th Doctor’s companion).

10th Doctor and Donna Noble.

11th Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, River Song, and Clara Osward.

I am also working on:

Liz Shaw (3rd Doctor’s companion).

Sara Kingdom (1st  Doctor’s sort of companion).

Pictures are to follow as my nice new shiny camera does not like the laptop……………

One Of the things that I am not keen on in “new” Who is the use of classic villains to much. When “classic” who was on it was very rare to see the same villains more than once in a season. Now however the likes of the Daleks and Cybermen can be seen 2 or 3 times in a season. Which in this day and age is all down to marketing merchandise.

Anyway enough ranting, Here are some close ups of my Cybermen force.

Cyber Controller And Body Guard

Cybermat Controller and Cyber Laser TeamCybermatsCyberons














Top Left: We have Cyber Controller (DW217 body with DW206 head), and 4 Invasion Cyberman (DW206,DW208) the invasion cyberman are slightly taller than the boxed set (DW1014).

Top Right: Cyber Mat Controller (DW207 body with DW206 head) The Laser Cannon team is from the Moonbase episode (DW216 bodys, DW206, DW208, heads and a scratch built Laser cannon).

Bottom Left: Cyber Minions from Crooked Dice Games.

Bottom Right: Cyber Mats from Crooked Dice Games.

Now i would love to get hold of another Laser Cannon Team, but the seem to be as rare as rocking horse shit. I have never seen one for sale in any shop that stocked the models, and i have never seen on appear on eBay. It seems that the model may have only made it into the hands of those who subscribed to the range…………….

Five Rounds, Rapid Fire…………….

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With my Imperial Daleks finished (the paint is still drying as i type), It is time to move on to U.N.I.T. Now in the 70’s both the 3rd and 4th Doctors had dealings with  U.N.I.T, The 2nd Doctor also had dealings with them in the episodes The Web Of Fear (1968) and The Invasion (1968). The 7th Doctor also came across U.N.I.T. in Battlefield (1989).

Now this will be the 3rd time I have had ago at painting U.N.I.T. troopers. My 1st attempt was back in 1999 when i first got the models, The paint scheme was  very poor and matched the quality of the models.

Then a few years ago when i restarted the repaint of my collection, I did The brigadier,  Sgt Benton, and 9 troopers in a beige colour scheme. This was going to be the start of my U.N.I.T. force.

U.N.I.T troopers

U.N.I.T troopers Sgt Benton Brigadier lethbridge-stewart

Now the U.N.I.T uniform changed from beige to green over the years, And the beige paint scheme is a nod to the early years.

My new scheme is more an olive green, in fact it started life as a Flames of War: US armour spray can that i had laying around. So the other day i set about stripping and rebasing the models.

I have ended up with,

The Brigadier, Captain Yates, and Sgt Benton

4 Troopers with grenades.

2 Radio Transmitter operators.

14 Troopers with a mix of SLR’s and Sterling SMG’S

2 Mortar teams.

2 Bazooka teams.

2 Bren Gun teams.

and 1 U.N.I.T Land rover.

I still have about 20 more troopers that may well end up being painted to match up with the beige scheme but that will be for another day…………

The kickstarter for Incursion finish over the weekend and raked up $208.576 with 934 backers (524 backed at the buckets of blood level) Now at on stage i did not think that it would hit that much ($175-$180.000 was my bet)

So in the end i have ended up with.

Incursion boxed game:

6 dice.

10 plastic doors.

8 plastic APE’s.

24 Sturmzombies.

Gretel,ilsa,and hans von x, 2 bomberzombies and 1 blitzhund.

Cards, tokens, etc…

SNAFU boxed game:

3 dice.

9 MI-13 commandos and zip kelly.

Panzeraffe, Drohne, Bazooka APE, MI-13 Gracie.

10 plastic doors.

Cards, tokens, etc…



Extra board.

24 Sturmzombies.

Kickstarter exclusive pack (8 models in plastic, 6 in metal).

Kickstarter exclusive Gretel.

10 Plastic doors.

9 more dice.

12 Sturmzombies.

10 bomberzombies.

7 APE’s

9 MI-13 commandos.

1 Drohne, blitzhund.

Drop trooper starter set 7 models.

Drop trooper reinforcements 7 models

Thats 142 plastic models  and 30 plastic doors , add to this that i pledged for the poster, Metal drop troopers, Metal drop trooper reinforcements and bomberzombies.

Drop_Trooper_ad Hilde_grande

the Bomberzombies may need to go not sure if i am going to need another set of them. Now i am going to need to get that 3D board finished now