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So after 3 months silence from Alien Dungeon we get an update, with some good news and some bad news!

First up wave 3  will start shipping the 19th of October (but we have been told dates before and AD have missed them) and will hopefully be completed by the end of November. All the following will be sent

Munitions Tank, Tender Tank, Mark IV Flame Tank, Mark IV Command Tank, Tesla Tank, Martian Cylinder, Scientist Tripod, Harvester Tripod, Dominator Tripod, Trench Command Bunker, Trench Turreted Bunker, Trench Flame Turret and Martian Heat Ray Fencing.

Orders with the following. The Mark IV Flame Tank, Mark IV Command Tank and the bunkers will be some of the last orders to be dispatched.

However the Goliath, Thunderchild 2 and Overseer will not be ready (and are not likely to be ready till 2016). So what does it mean for us backers that picked these 3 models? Well AD are going to give us a gift certificate for the RETAIL value (not the KS value) of each model $75 for the Goliath and $195 each for the Thunderchild 2 or the Overseer. Now it all sounds good to me but being in the UK, means I will get stuck with the dreaded import tax.

But what of the future of AQOTMF in the UK.

Well after North Star dropped the range (and a number of on-line retailers also dropped the range), it was picked up by Wayland Games. However I think the damage has been done to AD’s reputation, over the way that the project has been handled. Many backers have vented their anger on Facebook, the KS page and the AD forums. Which has put off many new players due to the bad press from the KS project. In fact my local store ran a demo the other week, but with the aid of smart phones some were put off straight away. Due to the negative comments out their.

Don’t get me wrong, I have waited just over 2 years for this project to be completed (with the Goliath being the model that I wanted the most) but now the end is in sight. It just means that if I still want the Goliath and the Overseer, I will have to wait until sometime next year and swallow the import tax charges! I still like AQOTMF but I see the damage has already been done (much the same as the Rogue Trooper KS from Mongoose)


Its been a hectic few weeks here with the dinning room being re-plastered and re-decorated, and its still not finished! Somewhere along the way a huge cock up has meant the carpet fitter had the wrong carpet (It was the wrong colour). As my wife choose to have the carpet treated with some special concoction to protect it, means it takes around 2 weeks for it to arrive.

So with all the chaos going on I have not had much time to work on many models, I did how ever manage to put together the models from Shadows Of Brimstone: Swamps Of Death set. The two sets of monsters that I ordered from FFP (swamp slugs and hell vermin) have also turned up. With the rather modest fee of £5.11 VAT added (and £8.00 royal mail handling fee) more about them in the next post.

Kickstarter wise lets take a look

All Quite On The Martian Front: still no news on wave 3 (or 4 if it happens).

Shadows Of Brimstone: Nothing new just waiting for the reopening of the 1.5 shipping.

Aliens vs Predator: Looks like we are going to get wave 2 and another wave 3. But some people are still waiting for wave 1. The missing arm from my second set have arrived, and prodos sent all the arms for the Marines rather than just the one that was missing.

Afterlife: My wave 2 package was sent yesterday and so should turn up in the next few days.

Conan: Pledge manger was final released the other week. It also looks like we will get two waves the first will contain the core game and the add-ons on the second will contain the expansions and campaign/art book. Many people are complaining about the high shipping costs mine came to $45.10 (£29.54) and many are complaining about split shipping!

Blood Rage: looks set to be here by the end of the month.

Deadzone  Infestation: Mantic have shown off 4 3D renders of two new models.

Zombicide Black Plague: CMON have shown picture of the plastic models from the base game.

I was stuck in hospital, and had been their for just over a month. It was however this event that lead me to start playing Zombicide (so not all was bad).

Now I thought it would be a good time to make a update on the various Kick-starter projects that are still outstanding.

All Quite On The Martian Front: No update since the 16th of June. Their are a few rumours floating around, that another wave will be sent soon (and their may even be a 4th wave!). Don’t get me wrong I like the setting and the models, but Alien Dungeon have more or less killed it with all the negative comments from KS backers. the few people around me that have picked up retail sets have more or less abandoned them for other game systems. considering the ETA was December 2013 and we are now in August 2015, I doubt I will see all of my stuff by 2016.

Shadows Of Brimstone: The last update was for the Gen-Con show which was the show case for some new products for SoB. FFP did however have two new sets that were developed “outside” of the KS project (Hell Vermin and Swamp Slugs Of Jargono), which caused a little bit of a “shit storm” with backers. However within a few hours sets were available on good old eBay at stupid prices. However FFP have chucked them up on their web-store (along with some other sets) at sensible prices. I have taken the plunge and ordered them.

Aliens vs Predator: Just waiting for Fox to approve the packaging for wave 2.

Afterlife: Just waiting for the last few models to be made for my pledge, so hopefully  it should all be wrapped up in a few months.

Conan: Still plodding along with regular updates, hopefully the pledge manger will be released this month!

Blood Rage: All thing are looking good with everything made, and being packed ready to be sent to the various distribution hubs. Something that other company’s should look at!

Deadzone  Infestation : Mantic tried out a new form of update by doing one update that included info on all their KS projects however if you were unlucky enough to have back all 4 then you got it 4 times. The pledge manger closed and then reopened due to some people being to stupid to read the updates that were sent out!

Zombicide Black Plague: Things seem to be moving along smoothly. With plenty of new sculpts being shown in the updates.

Since my last post I have been playing (and painting) more of Shadows Of Brimstone (including a few solo games), Zombicide has also reared its rotting corpse again and we have just started season 3.

Now where are those SoB Night Terrors…………………………………..

When did people become so stupid?

Well a lot of people seem to have become a lot more stupid with the advent of social media sites like Facebook and twitter. Why have I decided to have a “rant” about this and what does it have to do with wargaming?

Well it started yesterday morning when a picture was put on Facebook. A picture, one single picture generated nearly 400 comments in 8 hours.

What was so special about the picture?,

Was it the death of some popular icon, Nope.

Was it a flag being burned, Nope.

Was it a the face of Ozzy Osbourne in a loaf of bread, Nope.

What was it then?

It was a picture of a table, with about 25 copies of Alien vs Predator The Hunt Begins board game on it. The picture was taken by Wayland Games who had received their stock of the game and were going to start sending it out to the customers that had pre-ordered it from them. This one picture, opened up the biggest shit throwing contest I have ever seen on Facebook. In the end I don’t know how many people were involved as I gave up reading it and it was removed at some stage last night, but it was not far from 400 comments after 8 hours. Towards the end, it had devolved in to 3 or 4 people throwing abuse at each other. But like I said I gave up reading the comment after 8 hours!

Its not the first time I have seen it.

It happened With All Quite On The Martian Front, Deadzone, Mars Attacks, Tablescapes, and Shadows Of Brimstone and to a certain extent Incursion. The reason why so many people become so stupid over kickstarter projects is simple, a lot of backers don’t like getting their stuff after people who “pre-order”. But what backers seem to miss is the extras that they are getting (a royal guard, a berserk, facehuggers, and 3 free stretch goals, as well as the base game) which comes to around £65.00 for free!.

Of course they could just have waited and picked it up at retail for £67.50 and got it on the day of release, but then they would have missed out on the freebies, and would have nothing to moan about!

Which is what is now happening with AvP.

Prodos have said that it takes the same amount of time to wrap 1 boxed game for a backer as it does to wrap 1 pallet to send to a retail outlet.

In all honesty I think Prodos set the “goal posts” to close to each other with shipping backer copies and retail so close to each other, the other thing was how many they were going to ship out each day/week (originally they were aiming for 600 a week, but that dropped to 40 a day). But with all the delays that the project has suffered over the past two years, it is understandable that they need to get AvP out the door.

Don’t get me wrong I’m pissed that I don’t have my copy yet, but with what I am getting as extras in wave 2 for free0

2 x Royal guard.

2 x Berserk.

14 x Facehuggers.

10 x Alien warriors.

2 x Predaliens.


8 x Objectives

As well as the 2 copies of the game that are on their way to me now, I am more than happy. and if the pledge manger gets re-opened then I will pick up another copy of the game!

So its been awhile since I posted anything about any of the kickstarters that I have backed, so here goes.

All Quite On The Martian Front: Its sad to say that AQOTMF seems to be dying a very slow death here in the UK, Northstar have stopped distributing it and at least 1 and maybe 1 more online retailers are not going to be stocking it anymore. On the other hand Wayland Games have become the distributor, so that may be the final nail in the coffin for it. As for the KS no news for wave 3!

Incursion: The boat is due to land on the 9th of june (6 days time) hopefully the wait will not be to long now.

Shadows Of Brimstone: Again no news in 2 months, very poor communication!

Aliens vs Predator: Hopefully the basic game will be here by the end of the month, then maybe another 2 years for the add-ons! Prodos will be joining the Wall of Shame at some stage.

Afterlife: My wave 1 shipment turned up, and all looks good. Hopefully I will get the chanch to post some pictures towards the end of the week.

Conan: Still plodding along, but we do get semi regular updates, everything looks good so far just waiting for the pledge manger.

Blood Rage: Nothing new.

Deadzone Infestation: Mantic have been very quite……….

Now I have my eye on two upcoming kickstarters Secrets Of The Third Reich (5th of June)  and Zombicide: Black plague (8th June)………………………………………………..

Since my last post about Kickstarters (some 2 months ago) I have received both Tablescapes from secret weapon and Zombicide S3 from CMON, Now for the rest………….

All Quite On The Martian Front: No real news just wave 3 left now.

Incursion: Everything has arrived in the US and is being sorted and packed ready to go to West Wind in the UK. Hopefully something will turn up by the end of May.

Shadows of Brimstone: No news (nothing new their) but they can still post up pictures to Facebook (nothing new their either).

Aliens Vs Predator: Nothing special book is in final checks (it has been for a few months) the prodos guys are looking to start shipping end of this month.

Afterlife: seems to be moving along, with the Anvil guys offering to send the Cataclysm pledge in 2 waves. With the 1st at the end of the month, and wave 2 a month or 2 later. I would be happy for just one wave.

Conan: seems to be plodding along nicely with the pledge manger due in the next few weeks.

Blood Rage: I backed this manly for the minis!

Deadzone: Infestation: Now it has to be said I am not one of Mantic Games biggest fans, but I did back the new DZ campaign. In the first day the project raised $154.803, but then struggled to get much more each day until 4 or 5 days before the end of the campaign when a new pledge was offered in the form of “Lockdown” which offered everything that had been unlocked for $215.00 which contained 85 models (resin, plastic, and metal) 20 plastic scenery sprue’s, as well as all the normal counters, cards and books. The main reason I backed was for the plastic Veer-myn models as well as the new plastic “industrial” terrain……………….

The other week I was gripped by by a nasty cold, which has knocked me back a few days. But I have still been able to do some painting (it has just taken me a little bit longer) But in the end I did manage to get the 13 ruined buildings painted up to a “gaming Standard”, weathering the ruins will have to wait until the weather warms up!

I have also started to add to my Ork army in the form of some new (plastic) Grotz and Runtherds (to replace my battered old metal models), as well as the new (plastic) Painboy and Mekboy, some (plastic) stormboyz (again to replace my metal models) and Grukk Face Ripper (from the Stormclaw boxed set).

I have also received from Secret Weapon/ Mantic games my “damaged” urban streets, that I purchased from the left over stock that Mantic had in the UK. Hopefully I will be able to set them up later in the week and get some pictures posted.

Speaking of Mantic last Friday they started their new Kick-starter project Deadzone: Infestation. After a roaring start $154.803 was raised in the first day, however the past few days have been rather stagnant with the total now sitting at $170.106. This may be due to the rather boring stretch goals, 5 extra pathfinders, 5 extra veer myn, the pathfinder D.O.G unit, some extra plastic scenery accessories, and Blaine on a jet bike. I have backed it only because I like the Veer-myn, but unless things pick up I shall be backing out of the project!

Also on the Kick-starter front

Zombicide S3: Has landed at the distribution hub in Germany, and should be with me in the next few weeks!

Incursion: Has landed in the USA and is being sorted and sent to West Wind in the UK. Hopefully the wait is nearly over!

Shadows Of Brimstone: No news.

Aliens vs Predator: Things seem to be moving along slowly.

All Quite On The Martian Front: No real news.

Afterlife: Things are progressing well, with some of the smaller pledges going out (mine is one of the largest, along with 51 others!) The anvil guys are offering pick up at Salute 2015, but this year I am giving it a miss. It ends up costing me nearly £70 (me and the wife) to go, and last year I picked up next to nothing!