Take Cover! Pt3………………

Posted: August 19, 2016 in Cities Of Death, terrain

Following on from the previous two posts, I set about making the paved areas of the new corner sections. I did run through a number of ideas but, however I went for this method.

Above are the “before” and bellow are the “after” versions.

As you can see I have filled in the areas that needed filling with 3mm Blue Styrofoam, I had a number of sheets left over from a previous project. The undamaged tile (on the left) was a simple case of cutting three pieces for the main area. However one sheet was not thick enough, so I filled the bottom with off cuts. Once I had enough pieces cut I began gluing the pieces down with a solvent free grab adhesive. Once the bottom layer was glued down, I spread some more grab adhesive over the top and the started again. This time however the curve section proved to be harder to get into place and broke, meaning I needed to cut a replacement piece.

The “damaged” tile however needed a bit more work. This time I cut three rectangles and then cut them in to individual slabs. I then laid out all the slabs and worked out where I needed to cut them. I then added some broken bits of pipe behind the curb stones (which will allow me to add some water effects to a couple of the craters. When it come round to gluing the slabs in place I tried to make them look uneven with their spacing.

To help the grab adhesive set I placed a sheet of paper and a number of heavy books on to of the tiles. When the glue is dry I can the start adding in the individual slabs on the “clean” version and the cracks on to the “damaged” version.

I have also been toying with having a tile with a wrecked vehicle fixed to it. I have a number of “donor” vehicles that I have had for a number of years, most of which have bits missing from them.


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