The Second Wave…………………

Posted: August 2, 2016 in All Quiet On The Martian Front

Way back in 2013 I back a project on kick starter called All Quite On The Martian Front. Now for me this was a wargame I had been waiting for since I first got into the hobby, being a fan of H.G.wells book (and the Jeff Wayne musical).

And after a number of delays stuff started to arrive, However the company (Alien Dungeon) had vastly under estimated things. Namely the cost to make the models and the cost of shipping (especially to over seas backers). However after many,many lies from Evil Ernie (as he seems to have been named on the various forums) Alien Dungeon closed its doors at the beginning of this year. To be fair you would think that it would have been AD who were at fault, however Evil Ernie blamed it all on the backers for “wanting to much”

In the end it left me and many backers missing the remaining items.

Now to be fair what I received did make up for a fair chunk of what I paid for, however the bulk of my additional money was for the “bigger” stuff. And so, as were many other I was left out of pocket.

However a new company has acquired the AQOTMF range (and stock) and has started selling them again.

All Quite On The Martian Front.

And while I have no chance of seeing what I paid for in the KS, I wish them all the best. If they mange to get a UK distributor then I may well blow the dust of the models and pick up the missing models. As well as get back out their and push it in my local store (it went down very well last time!).


  1. airborneace says:

    I got in on the original KS and fell for the game when the first wave finally shipped. I hadn’t gone crazy on the KS, but I added extra tanks and a ton of infantry after. Built an entire table work of farmhouses and a second table of brick buildings, all 18mm HO scale (what a terrible choice that was for a scale). Then, AD went bankrupt and all that work went into boxes, likely to never see daylight again. Sadly, I am now reluctant to build up interest again. At least if they’d done 15mm scale I would be able to transfer most of it to FoW.

    • I have to admit I did struggled to get terrain in HO scale (even my local shop struggled and they have a very good selection) but in the ended I manged to pick some up online from Germany for a good price. Every so often I look at the book and think about giving it another go!

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