Marines, We Are LEAVING………………

Posted: June 10, 2016 in Aliens

So a few hours after my post yesterday, I received my AvP package from Prodos Games. As I said , I took advantage of the “order something from the web-store, and get what ever has been approved sent with that order”.

And with that i ordered up another power loader and a set of Alien warriors. Now these are the first models that I have picked up at “retail” all of the rest have been from waves 1 and 2 of the kickstarter. The retail packaging is however over the top, I had imagined the packaging being similar to the Warzone models (a plastic clam shell and card insert). However the AvP models come in a card box with a thinner card sleeve round it and the models inside in a zip lock bag.


The models are exactly the same as the ones shown here.

Moving on the bulk of these models are the poor old Colonial Marines with 4 models while the Predators get just 2.

First up we have the marine Sergeant (left) a nice one piece model armed with a shotgun “I like to keep this handy… for close encounters” he does however bear a slight resemblance to Sergeant Apone from Aliens. The second picture (right)is the Sentry guns, each one is made up of 2 pieces.

Next up we have the only two “special characters” in the game in the form of Major Dutch Shaeffer (left) and Linn Kurosawa (right) both from the 1994 Capcom AvP arcade game. Now I don’t remember playing the AvP arcade game (it was a long time ago after all) but I do remember playing an Aliens one (you can find both online).Both models are made up of 4 pieces, and i can see Linn being re based on a smaller base as the 40mm base looks to big.

Lastly we have the Predator young bloods (left) and Female Predator (right), as far as I can tell the young bloods are based on the predators from the first AvP film. And the female is from the dark horse comics. Two of the young bloods are single piece models, while the other is made up of 3 pieces.The female is made up of 4 pieces. The only problem I can see are the wrist blades, they are very thin (the same goes for Linn’s sword).

Overall as with the rest of the range I am please with the models, the sculpts are great and as you can see their is very little that needs to be cleaned.

As it stands all that is left from my KS pledge are the following

Predator and Marine Objectives (4 for each).

Cloaked Predators, young bloods(3),female(1), berserker (1), 3 from the starter set.

Extra bits heads(3) and guns(4).

Multi part marines (15).

Wargame Rules.


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