Deadzone: Infestation Pt 2……………….

Posted: May 9, 2016 in Deadzone, Kickstarters, terrain

Lets try this again, as for some reason it did not post the last time!

So the other day my DZ:I KS pledge arrived, and any one who has followed my blog for a long time will know that I was hoping for DZ to be a replacement for 40K. Alas however it was not, first off was the “restic” material that the models were made from (which has been discussed in another post). And secondly were the rules, to me they were in a mess. And no matter how many times I read them, I just could not get my head round them.

However fast forward to April 2015 and mantic announce a “mini” KS project for a 2nd edition of DZ, with the aim of “tidying up the rules”. This time round it did not generate the same amount of cash as the first DZ KS but did well enough to get some new plastic models made in the form of the Veer-Myn crawlers/stalkers and the Nightmares, enforcer pathfinders and jet bikes, Forge Farther Steel Warriors, and some new scenery. And some other metal models (some of which changed to plastic). Now I was one of the early backers but I did sit on the fence for most of the project, as I was not overly sure that it was “value” for money. However as the project came to the end I decided to stick with it! And in the end I went for the Lockdown Pledge and a few add-ons, Industrial Quadrant, Ogre Terminator, 2 sprues of Steel Warriors, and a deluxe gaming mat.

Now  a number of things changed since the end of the project, firstly some of the models (resin and metals) were changed over to a different type of plastic. And secondly the rules had gone from a few tweaks to clean them up, to a very heavy edit with lots being removed. Both of these things caused a lot of frustration with backers.

Now with my pledge arriving the other day I went through everything to check that it was their and not damaged and I have to say that Mantic have done a better job with this project than they did with the original all the bags were labelled with what they included, but some where along the lines all 3 of the Veer-Myn boosters and the Asterian booster are missing.

First up we have the new Veer Myn Nightmares (left picture) and the Night crawlers/Stalkers.

Next we have the Pathfinders (left picture) and the Jetbikes.

DSCN0923 (2)Next up we have the Forge Father Steel Warriors.

Next we have the “new” plastic models, with the plague Aberation  (left picture). And (clock wise frome top left )Blaine on jet bike, Enforcer N7-117, and the Veer-Myn piper and rat swarms.

DSCN0926Next we have the few metal models starting from top left, Ogre terminator,(Rebs) Adrienne Nikolovski,  (Marauder) Skyscraper, (Rebs) Rin Hunter/Bounty Hunter, (Rebs) Teraton Shock Trooper.

Next we have the new “industrial” terrain. Now unlike the first DZ project all the terrain is “sprue less” even down to the connectors (thank god)!

I must say that I am impressed with the quality of the models, the “new” plastic is a step up from what was supplied with Mars Attacks and is miles better than “restic”. The new terrain also gets the thumbs up and will hark back to anyone who had the old “platform” kits that were made some years ago. The quality of the “deluxe” gaming mat is also excellent, after the 4 that I received with my Mars attacks pledge where each one was darker than the first.

Now all I need is the missing Veer-Myn, and Asterian boosters and I can finish off the review

  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    Stuff look nice. Just had one game of the old rules. I will be interested to see what you make of the second edition.



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