Deadzone: Infestation……………….

Posted: May 5, 2016 in Deadzone, Kickstarters, terrain

I’ve been pretty quite the last week or so, down to a throat infection which knocked me for six. It did how ever give me some time to go through my first Deadzone kick starter stuff, which has mainly been untouched since I put together the Plague models a while ago. This was mainly down to the fact that I had never worked with Mantic’s “restic” material  before. Granted I did read up about it before starting the Plague models but the results were OK, but they could have been better.

Now resting up the last few weeks has given me the time to have a look at “restic” again (especially as DZ:I was due). Now first things first “restic” is described as a mix of resin and plastic. It holds detail very well and is as strong as resin, but as light as plastic. It can be reshaped in warm water, but needs to be glued with super glue. It is however quite hard to work with, and a lot of the first DZ kickstarter models had some pretty bad mold lines. Using a file or fine sandpaper creates a “fuzzy” area that needs to be removed. Scraping it off with a knife leaves the area looking flat (which is no good on a curved armour plate). And this is why my DZ models were boxed back up, I would say 90% of them needed a lot of prep work to get them ready.

However after reading a few guides on the internet I came across a guide that mentioned using a brass wire brush (like a toothbrush). At the time it seemed like a weird idea, but I had to try it! With luck I managed to find a brass wire brush in my old spray gun cleaning kit. Now the guide said to remove as much of the mold line as possible, and then to rub the brush back and forth over the area, and as I said it sounded weird. But to my surprise it worked!

And so armed with a way to clean the models I set about cleaning up the “Rebs” faction (one of the worst offenders for mold lines) and in all it took about 3-4 hours to clean up 18 models and glue them together.

This leads nicely on to, my Deadzone: Infestaion KS pledge turned up yesterday. I’ve opened the box and had a look inside but need to sort it out to see if its all their. which I intended to do later on today……………


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