Posted: April 21, 2016 in Adeptus Mechanicus, Cities Of Death

So GW have snuck another new game out this weekend in the form of Imperial Knights: Renegade.


Now I know a lot of gamers consider GW prices to be high, and IK:R is no exception. It has a hefty price tag of £120.00, but inside you will find not one but TWO Imperial Knights (RRP £85.00 for the Paladin and £95.00 for the Warden) and a Sanctum Imperialis terrain kit (RRP £20.00). So for £120.00 you get £200.00 worth of plastic kits as well as the usual dice, rules and templates.

The question is how will GW follow up with this? will we see rules for the Ork Stompa, Chaos Lord Of Skulls? Or is this the Adeptus Titanicus game that has been rumoured for sometime?


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