Jungle Fighters……………………

Posted: April 14, 2016 in Catachan

Having been rather busy the past few weeks “hobby” time has been limited to an hour here and an hour their. I have however managed to add a few more models to go with the Catachan Squad I painted up a few weeks ago.

In the form of, 2 Jungle fighters with demo charges, a Vox Operator, a Lieutenant, another trooper, 2 Jungle Fighters with Heavy flamers, and 4 Snipers.

I have also started on another squad in the form of a Deathworlds Veteran Patrol team from the codex.

DSCN0914I figured these guys would be camouflaged up even down to body paint, and i intend to add some camo netting across their back  packs. All of them are models from the OOP  metal weapon teams, with the addition of a few plastic grenades and pouches.

I had hoped to make some terrain but the seller that I ordered my plastic plants from was based in Hong Kong, meaning they will take a while to arrive.


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