Posted: April 11, 2016 in Deadzone, Kickstarters

Its come round to that time of year again, last week I had a sort out of my model collection  (it had nothing to do with my wife wanting to switch rooms around in the flat!) it did however let me sort things out. Going through everything, their were a number of Kick starter projects that I decided to part with, namely CMON`s Blood Rage game  and Battle Systems Sci-fi Terrain.

Both of which were picked up to use with other ranges ( BR was for Conan and the BS terrain was for AvP) however for one reason or another nothing has been mentioned about them for either game. And as much as I liked the Battle Systems terrain the modifications that need to be made (due to it being the 1st print run) would have driven me mad. And while I liked the Blood Rage models again nothing has been mentioned crossing the two over.

Also sitting on the fence at the moment is one of the Secret Weapon tablescapes tile sets that I received that was wrong. I had intended to use the Forgottorn city/ ruined temple for LOTR/ The Hobbit games, but it has remained in the box ever since I did a review of it.

at the moment I am also looking at sorting out my box of necromunda gangs, as well as some of my 40K orks.

I need to make some space as Deadzone: Infestation is meant to be shipping  soon, which neatly leads me on to the subject of Mantic Games.

Over the weekend I popped into my local games store to pick up some matt black spray. Now I normally buy it from one of the £1 shops in town, but the last lot that I picked up had a satin finish to it. Which while taking base colours well, it does not like dry brushing straight over it. But back to my local store, they have added sale section to the store with various end of lines, and overstocks. And I was surprised to see that a large selection of stuff was from Mantic Games, now I was a little shocked at this being as some of the stuff has only just came out.

However it transpires that all those Kick Starter projects that mantic do just don`t help independent retail sales, after all if mantic are going to throw loads of stuff at you cheap during a KS are you going to need anything at retail?. Which is a fair point, and to be truthful the only things I have picked up were some veer-myn and their grim cargo game (and that was some 4 years ago)

For me it is the lack of support for their games. Look at Deadzone V1, the project was started back in 2013 and finally ended around January 2015. During the project 3 expansion books and 2 extra races were added. Moving into March 2015 and we her about another Deadzone KS this time it is an “expansion” and “tidy up” of the rules however as time goes by the “tidy up” changes to a full rewrite, with a lot of the original gone. Since 2013 their has been no “new” support for DZ (and the same could also be said for Mars Attacks) and I dare say the same will apply to DZ:I, Warpath, and The Walking Dead.

Its a shame Mantic do make some good models but however their support of their systems and to the army of fans is next to zero, It seems if Mantic cannot fund it via Kick starter then it does not get made!


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