Get Away From Her, You Bitch!…………..

Posted: April 1, 2016 in Aliens

This was ment to be posted yesterday but for some reason it did not post, I have to say this is not an April fools joke (as it is the 1st).

At last, after what seems like a wait of ages my Alien vs Predator wave 2 has arrived. It has been 20 days since I received my “partially sent” email from Prodos. And then 9 days in transit to get to me, which is slightly better than when wave 1 arrived back in July last year (2015). And in all fairness if it had not been for the Easter bank holiday weekend, it would have arrived earlier.

You can have a look at Wave 1 here:

So What did I get with Wave 2, lets have a look.


First up the Alien Queen, made up of 9 pieces. As you can see their is very little “flash” on the model and next to none mold lines, their are a few lugs that need removing.



Next we have the Royal Guard, made up of 5 pieces. their is a small amount of “flash” on one of the other models I have but nothing major.


Next we have the crusher (from the colonial Marines game) again made of 5 pieces.


Next we have Alien Warriors, made up of 5 pieces.


Next we have Facehuggers, these are 1 piece models moulded to their bases (one of them has broken 2 “fingers” off)


Next we have some Eggs again these are one piece models.


Next up the Predalien (from AvP: requiem) another 5 piece model.


Next we have the KS exclusive Predator Berserker (from Predators). this one has a fair bit of “flash” but nothing major.



Next we have Predator Hellhounds (again from Predators) made up of 11 pieces! most of which are tiny.


Next we have the Powerloader, made up of 6 pieces.


Next we have the W Y Commandos (from Alien 3 and Colonial Marines game) made up of 2 pieces.

Now I have to admit I did order another copy of the game for the models, and I was surprised when I checked the models

DSCN0905It seems that the Infant Aliens now come with separate heads! and have had the mould “vents” removed from the hands.

I also end up with Yellow door stands (which can be sprayed black to match the rest) and red dice.

Hopefully Prodos can get the 3rd (and hopefully final) wave sorted out, and then the AvP community can start to grow rather than fester as it is now with all the negative comments over the KS shipping!

  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    Always good to get things through the post. Those look like lovely resin models that you’ve got there.



  2. They are gorgeous models. It’s been a wait to get them, but it has been worth it. And hopefully Prodos can get past the problems they have faced.

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