The Good, The Bad, And The Mutated Part 2…………

Posted: March 22, 2016 in Kickstarters, Shadows Of Brimstone

After looking at the first part of the wave 1.5 of shadows of brimstone lets have a look at what was left.

DSCN0878 (22)As you can see both the Frontier Town and Caverns of Cynder (as well as the doorways into darkness) come with their “retail” packaging.The box at the front contains all the cards, tokens and other gubbins to use the new models.


First up we have the Cynder expansion. Consisting of loads of new board sections and tokens, as well as the new lava men monsters.

Next we have the Frontier Town Expansion. Consisting of a new board, loads of location templates, and the new bandits (which can also be used in the mines)

Next we have the contents of the white box which is made up of 3 decks of cards, a token sheet, and the stat cards for the models. As well as the “hero” character sheets and as a nice little touch a a rules sheet collection book.

Next we have the Doorways into darkness expansion, its not really an expansion as such as all it does is add 15 new cards and the doorways are more of a 3D terrain element. On the right is the deluxe dark stone tokens (which were a paid add-on).

Lastly we have 5 more decks of cards (their is a 6th set that is in the white box) and 2 promo cards. The 3 on the left were paid add-ons, while the 2 on the right were part of the stretch goals (as was the 6th deck).

Overall I am pleased with what I got, and nothing was damaged in transit.

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