The Good, The Bad, And The Mutated…………

Posted: March 21, 2016 in Shadows Of Brimstone

So the other day after spending nearly 2 weeks being held in by UK customs and Parcel-Force my wave 1.5 Shadows of Brimstone parcel arrived.  I did get hit by the dreaded import tax, but however it was less than I was expecting. I had set aside £60.00, and was surprised when it turn out to be £31.74.

As you can see it was shipped in a box that originally contain  (3) copies of the City of Ancients core set. Inside  everything was tightly packed and full of polystyrene packing chips.

The first thing that was in the box were the red “exclusive” models that were missing from my wave 1 shipment. These are the same as the ones in the two core sets that were covered back when I received wave 1

Under them were the new resin alternate pose heroes (left picture) “new” hero classes (top right) Outlaw hero (middle right) and alternate gender heroes (bottom left). The details are excellent, but some of the cuts like the separate hats are rather strange. As they could have been left on the main model, however they are much better than the plastics from the base sets.

Next we move on to the plastics. Once again these are a lot better than the base set plastics here we have. The Burrower (top left) and Beli’al (top right) both of which are classed as XXL sized monsters. Then we have the Dark Stone Hydra (middle right) and the Guardian of Targa (bottom) which are both classed as XL monsters.

Next we have the Scafford gang with colonel Scafford (left picture) and the Dark stone brutes (right picture).

Next we have the Undead Outlaws and Undead Gunslinger (left picture) and the Void Hounds and Void Sorcerers  (right picture).

Next we have the Serpentmen Of Jargno and Shaman (left picture) and the Trun Hunters (right picture).

Next we have the Custodians of Targa and the Targa pylons (left picture) and the Scourge rats and nest (right picture).

Lastly we have the Trederren Raiders (left picture) and the Harvesters from beyond (right picture).

That’s it for the moment tomorrow I will take a look at the box sets that were in the box

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