Curse Of The Wulfen…………………..

Posted: February 22, 2016 in Space Wolves

After a diversion in the warp (Royal mail) I have finally got hold of my copy of the new 40k book and models.

DSCN0822Now I ordered the Book, Chaos datacards, and a box of Wulfen back on the 9th of February. However the Royal Mail lost the parcel, meaning a replacement needed to be sent out. However I had already ordered the 3 new clam packs and another box of Wulfen, so I asked if both could be combined together and sent as one parcel. Now it seems that the Curse Of The Wulfen is pushing the 40K timeline along (as have the campaign books before).

Now I had hoped that the book would contain a updated 13th company army list, that was published way back in 2003 in the Eye Of Terror codex. But however only rules for the Wulfen are in the book! Their are however a number of “detachments” for both the Space Wolves and Daemons. The back story seems to wipe out most of the 13th’s involvement in Abbadons 13th Black Crusade, which is a shame. However I do plan on re-doing the 13th Company at some stage.

Moving forward lets have a look at the sprues!

The box contains 3 sprues (which makes 5 models). With various weapon options, 5 sets of each Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield, Great Frost Axe, and Frost Claws.

Next we have the Iron priest (pictures show front and back of sprue) As any long term Space wolves player knows this has been a long time coming with the original been released over 20 years ago!

Next we have Ulrik The Slayer (another 20 year old model!) Now when GW started doing plastic characters, I had my doubts if older models (like Ulrik) would be redone. However it seems that they may well end up being plastic given time.

Next We have  Krom Dragongaze (which was only available in the Storm Claw stater set) who features in the Curse Of The Wulfen book.

Lastly we have the Space Wolves Upgrade Sprue (which I won on eBay) I picked this up for the Chain sword for the Ragnar Blackmane conversion that I am working on (as well As the shoulder pads) If you are planning on using Ragnar great company then this sprue is very handy.

Now lets get back to working on some Long Fangs…………………………………..


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