The Wolves Of Fenris………………

Posted: February 11, 2016 in Space Wolves

So I am behind with my Space Wolves project. I had hoped to have been further ahead than I am, but when real life takes over what can you do?

Any way I have finally managed to get back on track, sort of. Some years ago I picked up some Space Wolves from eBay, which had been assembled but not painted. However some of the poses were less than desirable. When I decided to reboot the Wolves, I decided to use these models to get me started as most of them were armed with Bolters. This mainly involved removing the odd arm or head, or at worst repositioning arms.

The other thing that I wanted to do was change the bases from 25mm to the newer 32mm size. Now when GW changed the size of bases, it did cause a bit of uproar with the gaming community. However that fuss has calmed down now, and to be fair Space Marines do look better on 32mm base. At some stage I will pick up the base adapters that have been released by various “3rd” party company’s for my Blood Angels.


I have used the Companies of Fenris painting guide by GW. But with the exception of the armour which is washed with Nuln Oil rather than Agrax Earthshade. I have also missed off the Etherium Blue from my test model

The 10 Grey Hunters above are very much work in progress, the armour and fur are done. And I have just started on the skin, left shoulder pad, animal skulls and teeth are all done with base colours.


Next I have been working on some Wolf Scouts and a Rune Priest. The scouts are a mix of the standard scouts, with the sniper scouts, scout biker and heads from the Space Wolves pack. While the Rune Priest is based on the plastic Librarian with bits from the Space Wolves Pack and Upgrade sprue.

With the release of the Wulfen  this weekend (the 13th of February) means another unit to add to the force!

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