A Call To Arms………………

Posted: January 27, 2016 in INQ-28

It is safe to say that over the past year or so, that various projects have bubbled to the surface. Others have sunk back down in to the pool of ideas.

One such project that I was keen to get started was INQ-28 however it was short lived and was put on the back burner.

Now I have to confess I do like small skirmish games, and INQ-28 falls firmly into that the skirmish area.

Now for those that have never come across GW’s Inquisitor, it was released way back in the mists of 2001. And was designed as a 54mm 40K skirmish game, now here lies one of the main “off putting” points about the game. The models were a different scale to the regular 40k model line, meaning converting models was (at first) rather hard. Later in the games life span weapon and conversion packs were made available direct from GW mail order. In fact the range expanded quite a bit to included various (unknown) alien races as well as expanding the whole Inquisitor background. Terrain was also an issue as again it needed to be a different scale.

The other “off putting” point was the book was always described as a “tool kit” for players rather than a “complete” rule book. Meaning their were a lot of “grey” areas in the rules that were left for the players to fill in.

Making Inquisitor a mix of a RPG and a wargame (but leaning heavy on the RPG side). But know it seems that Inquisitor has had a bit of a revival over the past years and has been reborn as INQ-28, this is mainly down to GW’s shift over to plastic models (and to a certain extent finecast resin) meaning conversions are super easy now days

Looking back now if Inquisitor had not seen the light of day the forces of the Inquisition in 40k may have been very different, also the 40k RPG Dark Heresy may never have created………………..


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