Abruptly The Sound Ceased!………

Posted: December 18, 2015 in All Quiet On The Martian Front, Kickstarters

As much as I would like to think it has not happened, It looks like Alien Dungeon/Robot Peanut studios have closed their doors. Now at the moment Ernest Baker and Barb have gone silent but it would seem that the removal of the website, Facebook page, and forum all point to them closing down.

Now All quite On The Martian Front was the 5th Kickstarter that I backed way back in May 2013 (along with 1002 other backers), with a delivery date of December 2013. However the delivery date quickly slipped in to early 2014 and then finally began shipping in May/June 2014. However we were told that shipping would be in 2 “waves” (which soon changed to 3). we were told that the delays were down to finding reliable resin casters in the US. In the mean time AD started selling models at retail (something which was said would not happen) to raise funds for the wave 2 shipping and development of new models. This angered many backers but was needed to allow AD to keep going.

Wave 2 arrived in December 2014, meaning all that I was owed were

the Martian Harvester, Scientist, Dominator, and Overseer Tripods, US MK II Tender, Munitions, 2 x Tesla Tanks, MK IV Command tank, and the Goliath Tank.

But once again communications were few and far between from AD and we were lead on a merry little dance over the past 12 months. In fact the last KS update (#172) said that 25% of orders had been shipped, but it seems very few people have received anything.

In total I pledged a total of $750.00 (just over £500.00) on All Quite with the base pledge of  “All Out War” and a number of add ons Including the Overseer Tripod and the US Goliath. Going back over the Pledge manger my pledge was valued at $852.50, so am I out of pocket? In some respects yes I am. I am down 10 models of which only 4 were add-ons.

Its a real shame that Ernie and Barb have not addressed the situation before hand rather than spring it on people and then running and hiding. I know it must have been hard from them but if their is any chance of them rising from the ashes their reputation will be ruined before they start.

But where did it all go wrong? To be fair the AQOTMF kickstarter was the killer. Instead of starting off small with maybe a starter set (maybe all in plastic) a separate hardback rule book, and a small amount of add-ons (3 or 4 for each side) which unlock at various goals, and maybe throw in a few extra plastics here and their. Would have been better than adding stuff as free add ons and extras like they did. If you look at the 150K goal on the all out war pledge summery it has 4 entry’s totalling up to nearly £100.00, and if you look further down the page you will see one of the goals is for 9 plastic steam tanks (about £64.00).

Hopefully AQOTMF will resurface at some stage but for the moment its dead in the water!


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