Spartan – 117.

Posted: December 11, 2015 in Halo

Way back in 2001 Halo: Combat Evolved burst on to original Xbox console and since then it has been followed with another 9 games as well as books, comics, action figures, etc.

And now it has a wargame, in the form of Halo Fleet Battles: The Fall Of Reach by Spartan Games.

Now It has been around for a few months, after being previewed at Salute 2015. And I must confess I have been sitting on the fence for sometime over weather I wanted to get involved with it.

However Spartan  offered up a rather tasty Black Friday deal offering up

A fleet box, commander pack, core upgrade, large upgrade, a dice pack, and £10 off a carrier box. All for £95.00 (saving £59.00).

In the end I picked up both the UNSC and Covenant deals, however Spartan received lots of orders and are struggling to keep up with demand. And I have been told that my order should be sent out next week.

I decided however to pick up the Fall Of Reach boxed set, so lets have a look at what you get in the box.


The nice shiny outer box (inside is a plane white box).

As you can see in the first picture you get 2 sheets of card terrain and 4 sheets of various tokens. The card terrain is very thin along the lines of photo paper, and the tokens could have been compressed into just 2 sheets rather than 4.

Underneath we have the various dice that are used (I have not read the rules yet so I am unsure what they are used for)

Next we have the rule book (128 pages) and the campaign book (36 pages)

Next we have the Formation and commander cards. The Covenant have 12 formations and 1 commander card. While the USNC have 18 formations and 1 commander card.

Lastly we have 3 reference cards.

Now we move on to the models

First up in the left picture are 2 Marathon Heavy Cruisers and 12 Paris Frigates. The Marathons are made up of 9 pieces, while the Paris are single piece models. The picture on the right has 1 Epoch Heavy Carrier and 3 more Paris Frigates, the Epoch comprises of 8 pieces. The detailing on the models are excellent.

Next we have the Covenant ships,in the left picture we have 1 CCS Battle Cruiser and 6 SDV Heavy Corvettes. The CCS is made up of 4 pieces while the SDV’s are made from 2 pieces. The other sprue on the right has the 1 ORS Heavy Cruiser and 2 more SDV’s, the ORS is made up of 7 pieces. And again the details are excellent.


Lastly we have the bases, which are 60mm x 60mm clear acrylic.

To be fair it looks like a really good game which concentrates on the actions of groups of ships rather than individual ships, like BFG and Full Thrust.


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