On The Paint Station……………….

Posted: December 3, 2015 in Judge Dredd, Terminator

It is safe to say that over the 15 years that I have had the old MDF Games Workshop paint station, it has been well used. In fact most of my models have spent sometime on it (some longer than others!) But with my total lack of motivation over the past weeks a number of projects have grown rather dusty.

So this morning I decided to have a tidy up, and clear it for the next batch of models.

So first up we have the some Terminators from the Terminator game. I covered the paints I used back in this post


Next up we have some of the Judge Dredd models.

First up are 3 (of the 4) judges of the apocalypse Judges Death,Fire, and Mortis. Of all the models Judge Fire was the one I was not look forward to painting, It has however turned out quite well.

Next we have 4 street Judges 2 male and 2 female.

Next we have 3 specialist Judges (Lazooka, Lawrod, and Stub Gun).

Then we have Judge Anderson and Judge Dredd.

Finally we have Chief Judge Hershey, Judge DeMarco, Judge Giant, and Judge Dekker.

I went for a blue uniform colour rather than the traditional black colour for the judges.

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