Adventures In Time And Space…………………….

Posted: November 20, 2015 in Doctor Who

Its hard to believe that 26 years ago that I first came across Doctor Who on TV (23rd of November 1988 to be exact) The story was The Silver Nemesis and it was a cold night in November. However it would be shortly lived as the following year the BBC cancelled it, meaning I had seen 6 story’s from the “original” run. My local library had a few of the old Target Books, which I borrowed and read. It would be a few years before the Doctor would return to TV, this time on a Sunday at lunchtime. Now I only really remember one story and that was the 3rd Doctors: The Green Death (often referred to  as”the one with the maggots”). After this the odd story were repeated here and their on TV.

It would be 1992 before the doctor would have a “regular” slot on TV on SKY channel UK Gold, however it would be 5 years before I would see it again. 1996 saw the Doctor return with the Doctor Who: The Movie which introduced us to the 8th Doctor. However it was short lived, it did well over here with ratings but was poorly received in the States. The following year would see my God-mother getting up at 6 o clock in the morning (Saturdays and Sundays) to recorded me the omnibus editions. This would carry on for the next few years until her death.

It was around late 96, early 97 that I came across the Doctor Who miniatures while flicking through a copy of Wargames Illustrated. It would be later in the year before I started buying the range though the “monthly” subscription service that was offered by Harlequin Miniatures, which lasted for a few years before the license run out.

It would be some years before I would get back into Doctor Who and that would be 2005 with the “new” Doctor Who TV series. Then the following year a “free” set of wargaming  rules were released in the form of the DWMG (Doctor Who Miniatures Game) at last I could use all my DW models that had been boxed up and stored for the past 5-6 years.

Now days it is easier to get my Doctor Who fix, as I own all the DVDs of the classic series (all 143 of them), “new” Who on Blu-ray. 99% of the Big Finish Doctor Who ranges. As well as the missing story’s on audio CDs.

So after re-reading the 7TV rules the other day and my new painting light turning up, I decided to have a go at some painting.  After going through my box of Doctor Who models, I picked out  the 11th and 12th (not) Doctors and 6 companions (3 for each doctor)

Lets see how they turn out?………………………………

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