The Changing Face (Or Faces) Of Wargaming………………………………..

Posted: November 19, 2015 in 7TV, Doctor Who, terrain

I am still struggling to get back into “hobby” mode, despite my nice new painting light arriving yesterday morning!

I have been re-reading the 7TV rulebook and its supplements (Summer Special, On Location, Heroes and Villains Guides) in some vain hope of jump starting my creativity. For those not in the “know”, 7tv set in the 60’s and 70’s and is based on cult TV programs (you can create your own or use the pre-generated ones). Now I have always had a soft spot for 7TV, and have not played the game in a few years.

Now one of the things that I miss about the hobby is making terrain. Back when I first got into wargaming terrain was made from boxes and books, to represent buildings and hills. Coloured pieces of paper or cloth, were used for trees, rivers, and fields. As time went by I learnt how to make terrain from polystyrene and foam core, as well as scratch built trees from wire.

However a few company’s begun making resin terrain (which was often very tacky). Then came the card kits for buildings, which were quickly followed on by “hybrid” plastic and card kits.

Now in the past 10 years “plastic” terrain has become the norm. Hills, trees, buildings, ruins, etc. Can all be bought in plastic. Another “new” comer in the past few years are laser cut MDF building kits, most of which need no glue to assemble them and can be flat Packed away.

How ever getting back to 7TV, I would like to go back to the grass roots of wargaming. And in much the same way as a set designer on a cult TV program make scenery from basic materials. Its early days but hopefully it will be the spark I need to get the “hobby” mode started again!

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