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Posted: November 4, 2015 in Terminator

Its been a quite past few weeks, this is mainly down to me dog sitting for some friends. But over the weekend I did mange to grab a few hours to work on my Terminator: Genisys models. Now I picked up a second starter set from eBay a few weeks ago which doubled up both forces, and added Guardian (Pops), John Conner, T-1000, Kyle Reese, Special Endo-skeletons (3) and Heavy Weapons Endo-skeletons (2).

Giving my Terminators 20 basic Endo-skeletons, 3 Special Endo-skeletons, Heavy Weapons Endo-skeletons (2), 10 Crawlers, and a T-1000. I also pre ordered a Spider Tank from River Horse Games (which included a free infiltrator model)

So I decided to work on 10 basic endos, as well as the 3 Special and 2 Heavy and 5 crawlers. I converted 2 endos to be carrying Mini-guns (its not in the rules but, it looks good).

Painting wise I went for.

1. Black undercoat from a cheap £1.00 spray.

2. Base coat of Plate Mail Spray from Army painter. Combined with the black undercoat it came out slightly darker.

3. Wash of Army Painter Dark Ink.

4. Dry brush Of Army painter Plate mail metal, followed by Shinning Silver.

5. GW  Khorne Red (base) for the eyes and plasma vents (when I find my smallest brush!)

6. GW Armageddon Dust (texture) for the base (never used textured paints before for bases)

7. Agrax Earth shade wash over base.

8. GW Tyrant Skull (dry) drybrush over the base.

Overall I am pleased with the results (and I enjoyed painting them).

Last Friday (30th of October) River Horse put up the 1984 set of 7 models on their website. The set consists of Kyle, Sarah, Guardian, T-1000 (as a cop) and 3 LAPD. The only model that does not fit in is Guardian as it seems to be the even older version from later in the film (2017).

We shall have to wait and see when it arrives, then I can take some pictures and review the Spider Tank, Resin Resistance Fighters, and the 1984 set all in one go!


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