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Posted: November 4, 2015 in Terminator

I had intended to do this tomorrow, as I expected the 1984 terminator models to turn up tomorrow (I had a dispatch email this morning). But by some twist of fate (or a postman sent back from the future) they arrived this morning.

So lets get started.

First up Terminator Spider Tank £39.99

image1Consisting of 12 pieces, when made it stands 80mm tall and will fit on a “CD” sized base. As you can see from the picture their are a number of resin “vent” lugs that need to be removed, apart from them their was very little that needed cleaning. The head sections (the 2 largest pieces) will only fit one way, so its worth wild trying it both ways before gluing it together. As an added bonus river horse threw in a resin infiltrator as well!

Next we have Resin Resistance Fighters £37.00.

image2 image3

Consisting of 45 pieces, Their are enough bits to make 6 models with loads of bits left over to convert the plastics from the base game. The head sprue on the second picture (bottom row) has heads for both a T-1000 and a T-800. There are also options for a radio operator arms, a Sniper, 3 mini-guns! as well as plasma rifles  and pistols. Oh and they threw in another  resin infiltrator!

Next we have the 1984 set £37.00.


image6 image5


Consisting of 19 pieces that make up the 7 models. They are (in the top picture, ignoring the two “lose” models) T-1000 disguised as a cop, Kyle Reese, Guardian, Sarah Conner, and 3 x LAPD. Out of all of the them Guardian seems to be the older older version (from 2017) where as the “lose” version on the left is dressed for 1984. Hopefully river horse will release the 3 LAPD separately, as I have not been able to find many models to use. Oh and they threw in another resin Infiltrator!

I have seen some people complaining about “model scale” and “pricing”, and so I will put my 2 cents in.

First up Scale. These models are NOT 28mm “Heroic” scale , they ARE 28mm “true scale”. This means an Endo-Skeleton is scaled to the other models and NOT “beefed” up to make it big. I have seen lots of people moaning about the endos not being the same size, but if you were to use it as an armature and add muscles, and clothing you would end up with a correctly scales model. This is the same for GW’s Lord of the rings and Hobbit models.

Secondly Price. Another thing that people are moaning about is the price of the models. Now don’t get me wrong yes the prices are quite high, but they are licensed models. And again just look at GW’s LOTR and hobbit ranges, finecast versions of Gandalf or Bard the bowman are £12.00 each. Even the finecast fellowship boxed set is £37.00. If you take the 1984 set at £37.00 and dived it by 7 it works out at  £5.28p per model (the resistance set works out at £6.16p) which is not bad for a single model.

River Horse have also changed who makes the resin models. In the beginning warlord were making both metal and resin models. However their have been a number of problems with the production of the resin models, I found this out from my local store who tried to order Sarah Connor for me, who were told by warlord

“that the Sarah Connor blister is not available as the figure proved to be almost uncastable!”

However It would seem that Prodos have taken the challenge and are now using their “Procast” resin (the same stuff they use for their own models). And comparing it to the “warlord” resin, it is much better.

Overall I am pleased with the models and hopefully their will be many more to come!


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