Time For A Clear Out, I Think…………………………………..

Posted: October 12, 2015 in Deadzone, Kickstarters

Last week I went down with conjunctivitis in my right eye, meaning that I could barely see out of It. My left eye had a twitch and kept weeping, meaning painting, reading, or watching TV was near on Impossible!

It did however mean that I could get in some gaming. And after playing Zombicide Season 2 and 3 for the first few days, I managed to get in a few games of Incursion and a couple of games of Terminator: Genisys. I also set up CMON’s Blood Rage but in the end I gave up with it, and so it will end up on ebay (its just not my type of game). While I am at it the Battle systems Sci-fi stronghold set will also go on their. As when I backed it it was for Aliens vs Predator and they were going to add rules to use it in the AvP game. However some where along the line the idea has been dropped (or forgotten), and I really don’t have the will power to sit and make all the cuts that need to be done to make it work.

Something else that needs sorting out is the big box of dead zone models that I have. In all fairness out of the 6 races only the Plague,Asterians, Forge Farther, and Enforcers do anything for me. Both the Marauders and the Rebs both have a few good models but the rest do nothing for me. And the fact that Mantic kept throwing stuff at the projects during (and after) the KS project. Has meant that I have ended up with loads of stuff that is no good to me, and has zero resale value as most people have already picked it up on eBay for dirt cheap!

Add on the Dead Zone: Infestation KS which is due in January, which will add on another 5 Enforcer Peace keepers, another Strider and 5 more plague zombies gives me 15 peace keepers, 5 striders, and 45 plague zombies!

As Much as I like the Deadzone/Warpath universe I ended up dropping my Warpath pledge down to $1, as 90% of the stuff that was on offer I already have (or will have when DZ:I turns up) the rest I will pick up when the pledge manger opens up.

I had best get sorting……………………………………………….


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