Not So Quite On The Martian Front……………………………………………….

Posted: September 29, 2015 in All Quiet On The Martian Front, Kickstarters

So after 3 months silence from Alien Dungeon we get an update, with some good news and some bad news!

First up wave 3  will start shipping the 19th of October (but we have been told dates before and AD have missed them) and will hopefully be completed by the end of November. All the following will be sent

Munitions Tank, Tender Tank, Mark IV Flame Tank, Mark IV Command Tank, Tesla Tank, Martian Cylinder, Scientist Tripod, Harvester Tripod, Dominator Tripod, Trench Command Bunker, Trench Turreted Bunker, Trench Flame Turret and Martian Heat Ray Fencing.

Orders with the following. The Mark IV Flame Tank, Mark IV Command Tank and the bunkers will be some of the last orders to be dispatched.

However the Goliath, Thunderchild 2 and Overseer will not be ready (and are not likely to be ready till 2016). So what does it mean for us backers that picked these 3 models? Well AD are going to give us a gift certificate for the RETAIL value (not the KS value) of each model $75 for the Goliath and $195 each for the Thunderchild 2 or the Overseer. Now it all sounds good to me but being in the UK, means I will get stuck with the dreaded import tax.

But what of the future of AQOTMF in the UK.

Well after North Star dropped the range (and a number of on-line retailers also dropped the range), it was picked up by Wayland Games. However I think the damage has been done to AD’s reputation, over the way that the project has been handled. Many backers have vented their anger on Facebook, the KS page and the AD forums. Which has put off many new players due to the bad press from the KS project. In fact my local store ran a demo the other week, but with the aid of smart phones some were put off straight away. Due to the negative comments out their.

Don’t get me wrong, I have waited just over 2 years for this project to be completed (with the Goliath being the model that I wanted the most) but now the end is in sight. It just means that if I still want the Goliath and the Overseer, I will have to wait until sometime next year and swallow the import tax charges! I still like AQOTMF but I see the damage has already been done (much the same as the Rogue Trooper KS from Mongoose)


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