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Posted: September 24, 2015 in Shadows Of Brimstone

I have had a bit of a “gaming” drought the past few weeks, what with the problems with the dinning room and the fact that my two new gaming “buddies” are on holiday. This has lead to not much gaming or painting time going on, I have however received a number of items through the post one of which was some “third party” cards for Shadows of Brimstone.

Now I first found out about them via the SoB kickstarter page a few months ago, where someone posted about some custom cards they had made for the game. Now anyone who has picked up a copy of SoB will know that it is very card heavy, and in my opinion many of the decks could have been condensed into fewer decks. Take the threat deck, where their are  3 sets  (Low, Med, and High). All 3 could have been made into a single deck with a picture of the monster (or monsters) and a small piece of text showing the number of heroes and number of monsters.

So why did I pick up even more cards? Well one of the things I hate doing when gaming is book keeping, it bugs the living shit out of me. Many time I have noted down something and then in the heat of battle it gets forgotten, or I scribble something else too close to it and I miss it.

So the first two decks are Gold deck ($9.46) and XP deck ($10.32). Their are 128 cards in each deck, and they measure 1.75”×2.5” (44.45mm×63.5mm).Original I was going to pick up some poker chips to use for the gold but after looking at quite a few set they just looked “tacky”, so In the end I went these cards. Their are others available that are in larger sizes, but I went for the smaller size  as they are a visual aid rather than a main game component,



The next deck I picked up Is the “Mutation” deck ($11.84). Their are 144 cards in the deck consisting of 4 of each Mutation on the table printed in the book. Now I have to say I ordered these buy mistake, but I am glad I did. As with the gold and XP decks these are smaller cards, and I intend to use them as a visual aid to remind us of mutations our models may have gained.


Next is the Injures, Madness, and Mutation deck ($25.18). Their are 121 cards in the deck (5 of which are wanted posters) Each of the decks is colour coded on the front of the card.The Mutations deck has 72 cards (2 of each Mutation result), The Injury deck has 22 cards (2 of each Injury result), The Madness deck has 22 cards (2 of each Madness result).


The final deck is the Town Items deck ($19.78). Their are 108 cards in the deck, which are split into 6 decks based on the various locations that you can visit. Docs Office (8 cards), Blacksmiths (22 cards), General Store (35 cards), Saloon (14 cards), Church (14 cards), Frontier Outpost (12 cards). Their are also 3 other cards, Specimen Jar (2 cards) double sided, one side empty, and the other filled, and one Ranchers Refinement card.

DSCN0755 DSCN0754

Both the Injures, Madness, and Mutation deck and the Town Items deck are the same size as the cards in the game 2.5”×3.5” (63.5mm×89mm) and are the same thickness. The Quality of the printing is excellent and if put side by side you would be hard pressed to tell which ones are “official” cards and which were “third” party ones. Delivery was nice and quick with it being about 10 days after I ordered them, I was also pleasantly surprised that they were shipped from Germany to the UK (rather than from the US) meaning I had no Import tax to add!

Any one interested in picking up the cards here are the links

XP deck.

Injures, Madness, and Mutation deck.

Gold deck.

Town Items deck.

Mutations deck.


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