Drokk Its The Law…………………………………………………….

Posted: September 21, 2015 in Judge Dredd

I have just got back from collecting my “prize” in the form of the Judge Dredd miniatures game from my local games store. So lets take a look at what it contains


Now first up the box features a nice picture of Judge Dredd cracking to perps heads together! apart from that the back of the box is plain. It is worth noting that the game is set in the “comic” JD universe rather than the “Dredd” film universe.DSCN0741Inside you will find the hard back rule book (RRP £30) and the “read me first” leaflet. I have only flicked through the HB book but it contains more stuff than it predecessor. in fact I may be wrong but I think it contains most of the “block war” supplement (I will have to check my old book and the PDF file for block war)

DSCN0742Next we have the models. In total their are 9 models for each side giving you 18 metal models. The sets are the same ones that can be purchased separately (with the exception of the 2 in the blister pack which are exclusive to the starter set). Both sets have a RRP of £30.


The Judges get 2 riot judges, 1 psi judge, 2 street judges, 1 special weapon judge and 2 cadets. My set includes 2 male cadets rather than 1 male and 1 female as shown on the box, this may however just be a “mis-pack”. The quality of the sculpts is a little bit “hit and miss” as the range has been sculpted by several sculptors and a least 3 of them are 10 years old.


The street gang consists of 1 punk with heavy weapon, 6 punks/ juves  and 1 psi juve. All of them fit the 80’s era of Judge Dredd. And as with the judges all of the models are 10 years old having been sculpted for the old “gangs of mega city one” game.


The 2 exclusive models are a gang leader and a judge with lawrod rifle. The Gang leader fits well with the rest of the punks and juves but is slightly more “chunky”. Where as the judge looks slightly out of place with the rest of the judges (with the exception of the cadets).

Overall the set contains a decent amount of stuff for your money 2 gangs at £30 each, a rule book £30 and 2 exclusive models at say £5 each. All for the price of £75 (or in my case £5).

My only complaints are, it seems that some one at Warlord Games just grabbed some boxes and a book and chucked them in a box, as both forces are far from balanced. A basic street judge is a 150 credits where as a basic punk is 20 credits!

The other thing is dice, as a starter set it contains no dice which may prove a problem to some people as the may not have any D10’s floating around!

But overall a good little starter set!


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