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Posted: September 3, 2015 in Shadows Of Brimstone

As I said a few posts ago I took the plunge and ordered the Gen-Con preview sets for the Swamp Slugs Of Jargono, and the Hell Vermin. It took about 14 days from ordering until I received them, I did however get hit with £5.11 VAT (and £8.00 royal mail handling fee). This is nothing new as I was ordering from outside the EU and VAT gets added if the item is valued over £15.00.

In total both sets were $20.00 (£13.08) each, plus $14.20 (£9.28) which comes to $54.20 (£35.44) add on the UK VAT and it makes the two sets work out at £31.27 for the pair.I have left off the shipping and royal mail handling fee as their is no such thing as free shipping!

So what did I get for my money, well first off they were shipped in a bubble wrap envelope and not the Gen-Con preview box, they were however very well packed and everything arrived in perfect shape.

So lets take a look at the models.


The first thing that you will notice is the two sprues come joined together (but are sold separately), their is also a lot of “dead” space on the sprues. The textures on the Swamp Slugs relay do stand out while the Hell Vermin is quit bland with textures. As you can see from the saloon girl and the gunslinger (both SoB models) that they are quite large. Both models have 40mm bases and are made up of just two pieces (compared to the 3+ piece models in the starter sets). Of the two I prefer the Swamp Slugs.

Next we have the cards.



First up you get a A5 sheet that gives you some background on the new enemy (top left) on the other side is a painting guide using the SoB paint sets (which are The Army Painter paints renamed for SoB). Then we have the Stat Card (top right) it is the same as the ones found in the starter set with the Green “standard” profile on one side, and the Red “brutal” on the other. You also get 6 cards to add to the “Threat” deck (bottom row), now the Swamp Slugs get 3 “otherworld” threat cards (which are all the same) and 3 “mine” threat cards meaning they can be found in both the Swamps Of Jargono or the Mines. The Hell vermin however can only be found in the Mines.

As Is said earlier the Slugs are by far my favorite, and will probably get introduced into our games as a prelude to heading out in to the Swamps ( I will just drop the 3 “mine” cards into the deck at some stage). The Hell Vermin are a good generic monster for the mines but it is a shame that is where they are limited to.

hopefully in the next few weeks FFP will reopen the Wave 1.5 shipping option for the Kickstarter, and I have decided that I will take the plunge and pay the $125.00 for packing and shipping.

As it stands at the moment their are 2 expansions Caverns of Cynder and the Frontier Town, 11 new enemy packs, 1 terrain pack, 6 Card decks, 3 heroes (plus the outlaw model) and anything else that is ready so maybe a few more enemy packs and some more card decks!


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