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Posted: August 15, 2015 in Shadows Of Brimstone

When me (and my partner) moved to where we are now we knew no one. After a few months I found the (now relocated) gaming club and joined, and had great fun meeting new people! However when the club was forced to close and find somewhere else to be held, some of use started gaming at each others houses. It was around this time that I became friends with Andy and his partner Jane. Andy had started coming to the club because of his son who was into GW’s Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit ranges, and was tempted by some of the other games that were being played. When the club reopened at a new location a few of us decided it would be to far to travel just for a game or two.

Andy’s son had more or less given up with LOTR and The Hobbit, mainly due to GW’s lack of models for the final film. And so Andy took to gaming with them and a small Space Wolves force for 40K. Overtime I introduced Andy to some of the Kick-starter games that I have picked up in the past few years like Zombicide, Incursion, Alien Vs Predator, and Shadows Of Brimstone.

Now I did not know that both Andy and Jane are big fans of the wild west setting, Andy borrowed the books and went away and read them and was interested in playing the game, Jane also read the rules and was also interested in playing.

And so last night we had an evening of Shadows of Brimstone we started some time around 7pm and finished off about 2am this morning, and we had great fun! We limited ourselves to the just the City Of The Ancients starter set (only down to the fact they were the only models I had painted up)

We each picked a hero Gunslinger (me), Bandidio (Andy), U.S Marshal (Jane), Saloon Girl (my wife) we played through the first mission” For A few Dark Stone More ” twice and then rolled randomly on the chart in the adventure book. Our last game took us into the “other-world” The City Of The Ancients however we did not last long as the dice were against us and we ended up rolling lots of 1’s for movement meaning we lost wounds due to the cold weather!

We did however have a good time and all 4 of use enjoyed it. As I have said before it brings back memory’s of Warhammer Quest, which I spent many a Friday/ Saturday evenings playing. I may be quite for the next few weeks as I am having some work done in our dinning room (which gets used more for my hobby than anything else) and so all of the stuff in their needs to be moved out of the way. So their may be the odd update but nothing major!


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