I can’t lie to you about your chances, but… you have my sympathies………………………………………..

Posted: July 13, 2015 in Aliens

Over the years I have drifted between wargaming and console gaming, and the primary purpose of this blog is wargaming. But sometimes the two cross over, at the moment I am struggling with the Colonial Marines from the AvP game. And to take my mind off of them I decided to play the Aliens: Colonial Marines game on the Xbox 360, which many people don’t like. Now I do like it, and after waiting for the PS2 version that never happened I was glad to see it arrive on the Xbox 360wallpaper-aliens-colonial-marines-lone-marine-fighting-the-alien-queen-wide-6And after being greeted by the above picture when I got off the train one day, I just had to get hold of it.


And I ended up getting the collectors edition.

Now I’ve played through it and completed it, but the other day i saw their was a DLC pack called “Status interrupted” and that tells the story of how Hicks survived (yes I know he died when the EEV crashed in Alien 3) but the DLC puts a twist as to what happened on the Sulaco, and adds that little bit more to the A:CM story.

The same has to be said of Alien: Isolation, when it came out I bought it but never really got into it (as it is more of a puzzle solving game and I prefer FPS games) but the copy I bought had a code for a DLC called ” crew expendable ” which took the action to the Nostromo, Now I have only played the DLC once and I have to say it does give me the “willy’s” sometimes. I have seen online that it is a short game but If you ever want to play Alien then you cold not go far wrong with the DLC .

Their have been many Aliens games over the years, but my favorite has to be Alien 3 on the Sega Mega Drive (Sega Genesis out side of the EU)

But what has it got to do with the Colonial Marines from AvP? well I am having a bad case of painters block with the Marines, I can visualize what colours I want but getting them to work is another thing.

Even the Colonial Marines Technical Manual is not spurring me on.0e6b259acad9294927d64399b34b5f5aAnd after all the years (17 i think) of it being out of print making it very hard to come by due to it only being printed once. All because of a typo (it made reference to Cyberdyne rather than Hyperdyne) made the book very sort after, luckily I still have my copy from when it was first released back in 1995 and I also picked up the newer reprint from a few years ago.

Maybe its time to go back to the drawing board or paint pallet…………………………


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