We’re On An Express Elevator To Hell, Going Down…………………………………………….

Posted: July 7, 2015 in Aliens

So it’s been a long wait, but AvP has finally turned up! its has taken 12 days to get to me from Poland after being stuck in Calais for 4 days! But has it been worth the wait? well they say a picture is better than a thousand words, so lets have a look.

DSCN0694 DSCN0693

First up we have the box, now its a nice heavy weight box, its not the thin card that GW use for their boxes, it is however the same quality as the Space Hulk and Execution Force games from GW. Inside are 3 packs of cards, the rule book and a card box with the models in. Underneath are the card floor plans and counters.

DSCN0696 DSCN0695

The 3 packs of cards brake down into the following. Top row from left to right Mission cards (20), Marine Cards (20), Alien cards (20), Event Cards (20) and Predator Cards (20). Bottom row left to right Marine (5), Predator (3), Alien (2) stat cards. Each card measures 64 x 83mm and has the corners rounded the same as a deck of playing cards.

DSCN0697 DSCN0698

Next we have the rule book, weighing in at 64 pages and printed on thick glossy paper. It does feature some nice art work but my main gripe is the lack of pictures of the actual models in the set (4 to be exact) one of which is the KS exclusive predator berserker. The lack of “painted” models in the book (and on the box itself) may lead to new players not knowing where to start, as not everybody knows about the AvP “universe”.

DSCN0700 DSCN0699

Next we have the floor tiles and air ducts the sheets are double sided (pictures above show both sides) but the tiles cannot be “mixed” together. The “red” side has no rules attached to them at the moment, but it has been mention that at a later date rules will appear for them. Their are 8 sheets, 2 of which are “hive” tiles and the other 6 are “plain”, they are a few millimetres thinner than the ones found in Space Hulk.

DSCN0703 DSCN0704


Their are 5 more sheets of card in the box 3 of which contain “room” tiles (4 square and 2 round) and some other floor tiles,as well as a number of counters. The only problem I see with the rooms is that they all have one entry/exit point so unless they have a air duct connected to them they are dead ends, it would have been nice if one or two of the room had a 2 or 3 entry/exit points.


The final 2 sheets are filled with counters and door ways both contain the same tokens except for the small tokens along the bottom. One of my sheets has a glue mark across it, but it will not affect game play so I am not to worried about it.


Inside the card box are 7 plastic bags the first 3 are Plastic door stands, plastic bases, and 3 white d20’s all pretty standard stuff. Next we move onto the good stuff the models……………..

DSCN0706First up with have the Predators, their are 3 types. Spear and Wrist Blades, Throwing Disc, and Plasma Blaster. The details are fantastic, even down to the finest of details like the “mesh” under suit worn by two of the models. It seems that the arms are paired to the bodies, but I shall see how they look on other bodies.

DSCN0707Next we have the Colonial Marines, their are 5 types, (from left to right) Flame Thrower, Pulse Rifle x 2, Smart Gunner, Pulse Rifle and Motion Tracker. Again the details are fantastic the marines have individual grenades and pouches on their webbing, the helmets have the camera on the side, and the shoulder mounted light is moulded on in one piece (rather than a separate piece, as was shown in the KS) Out of all the models it is only the “dancing” flame thrower model that lets them down.

DSCN0709Next we have the “Infant” aliens, their are 5 poses and you get 2 of each pose. they are 2 piece models (body and tail). The details are fantastic with very little flash and a small number of “pegs” that need to be removed. their does seem to be a few variations of the tail but by heating them up in a little hot water they can be positioned as you see fit.


Lastly we have the “stalker” Alien, their seems to be 5 poses. This time however they have a separate leg and arm and again the details are excellent.

As with the other models their is very little “flash” and in all fairness a light brush wit a stiff brush would clean most of this off! The few “mold” lines that I have come across can be removed with a sharp knife ore a small file. For any one reading this and wondering what Cyanoacrylate Adhesive is, it’s Super Glue (Prodos were not aloud to use the word “Super Glue” as it is a trade mark that is not owned by 20th Century Fox)

I will give one word of warning on “Super Glue” the cheap stuff the likes you get in pound/discount shops can be very, very dangerous. Some years ago I used to use nothing but “cheap” but that all changed one day when a few drops landed on my thumb and leg. I ended up with a small burn on my leg about 10 x 20mm (it went straight through my tracksuit bottoms) and a burn across the knuckle of my thumb, both scars have only just started to “fade” away.

Overall I am pleased with my 2 copies of the game, its a shame that the KS exclusive ended up at retail. Hopefully the KS exclusive berserker stays that way. Hopefully Prodos will be able to “regain” KS backers faith with this project, but as I have said before I am more than happy with the deal I will be getting. Hopefully the Pledge manger will get re-opened before wave 2 is sent and then I can add some more stuff to it.

All in all its been a bumpy ride with its ups and downs but it was worth it 10/10 Prodos

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