Dropzone Commander

Posted: July 6, 2015 in Dropzone Commander

Over the weekend I went to the “new” gaming store in town (its been open since march) and had a look around. And I came across a few bits that I had never seen before, and a few that had caught my eye before but I had never pursued. While I was in their two people were playing Dropzone Commander (DzC for short), which I have had my eye for sometime. I had a flick through the stores copy of the rulebook and liked what I saw. I decided on the spot to pick up a copy of the rules, but they had no copies left neither did they have any of the starter set. And at best they may get a restock by the end of the week!

So I left the store with a heavy heart and returned home! On the way I decided that I would order some DzC from the internet.

Now of the 5 factions both the Shaltari and the PHR come out tops, with the Scourge and the UCM. The resistance I like but not at the moment. So with that in mind  I picked up the Shaltari starter set in metal and resin (rather than plastic), a Coyote warstrider, and a pack of Yari light grav tanks. As well as the rule book.

Now one of the things that I like about Hawk Wargames (who are behind DzC) is the fact that you can buy 3 types of starter set for each faction, they are all contain the same amount of models but they differ in price

Firstly you have the “plastic” starter which contains everything in plastic and is priced at £35.00

Secondly you have the “metal and resin” which contains metal infantry and resin vehicles, as well as a command deck of 40 cards and is priced at £68.00

Finally you have the  Premium “metal and resin” set, which contains the same as the above “metal and resin” set but with a KR multi-case with custom cut foam for the models for £88.00

Now as much as I like plastic models, I went for the “metal and resin” models only down to the fact that some of the plastic infantry I have seen look “lumpy” with their details, the vehicles on the other hand look very good in plastic.

Now I just have to sit back and wait……………………………………………


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