The Sale Of The Century…………………………………………….

Posted: July 2, 2015 in Aliens, Warzone Resurrection

I have been thinking of adding another force to my Warzone Resurrection collection for sometime now, I was torn between either the Imperial or Bauhaus forces. Now I am more of a gamer that goes for models I like, rather than their rules or how power full they are! Now when I played Warzone back in the 2nd edition my choice of force was Bauhaus, and again it was down to the fact that I liked the models, this time however I really like the look of the Imperial models. However about a week ago an auction appeared on E-bay for a Bauhaus force, I worked it out and it came in at just over £200 rrp. Their had been a flurry of early bids but nothing that pushed it above £15, and I was sitting on the fence as their was only one picture.

Now the picture did not show how good the paint job was, and the thing that was bugging me was if the paint job was crap would I be able to strip them? I had some left over “resin” sprue’s from a couple of models I had been working on, and set about giving them the crappiest paint job I could! The end result was very poor (nice thick layers of paint), Once it was dry (I left it a good few hours), I chucked it in my pot of Fairy Power Spray and left it for a few hours. When I returned I grabbed a brush and gave it a scrub………………………………………..

To my surprise the resin stayed “firm” with no loss of detail, a few “stray” bits of paint were left behind but nothing major.

I took the plunge and place a bid and won for the sum of £48.99! Which netted me the following

5x Vulkans

3x Juggernauts

10x Mortant

10x Hussars

5x Rangers 

2x Drachen 

1x Duval

1x Max Steiner 

2x Vorreiters

And this morning they turned up. I took the 3 Juggernauts and placed them in the power spray and left them to soak for a few hours. I took them out a little while ago and cleaned them up with a brush, their was a lot of paint on the models but the have cleaned up really well. Their is the usual bit of paint here and their but apart from that they have turned out fine.

I will make a start on the others tomorrow, while I am waiting for AvP to be delivered. Yes I have my tracking info and delivery is  for Friday the 3rd.


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