The Incursion Has Started………………………………………….

Posted: June 26, 2015 in Incursion, Secrets of the third reich

So yesterday I received shipping information form West Wind for my Incursion Buckets Of Blood kickstarter package, and it turned up a few hours ago. Their are however a few extra surprises in the box which I was not expecting.DSCN0663First up the boxes look fantastic, if I walked in to my local game store and saw these I would pick them up to have a look. However the backs of the boxes don’t give you any information about the game, they only have the logo on the back.


Inside you will find 3 sheets of tokens/counters, 2 books (rules and assets), 2 reference sheets, a sheet of stickers, 1 double sided board, and the sub pen tile.

DSCN0665 DSCN0666


Above is both sides of the game board and the sub pen tile.

DSCN0669 DSCN0668

Their are 2 trays of models. One tray contains the US models, the German “special” models as well as dice (6) and plastic doors (10). The second tray contains all the zombies as well as the game cards. It is worth noting that both trays contain the “stretch goals” from the KS. I will take a closer look at the models later in the post.


Next we have the SNAFU boxed set. Again 2 books (SNAFU book and assets), a sheet of counters and tokens, a paper version of the game board (both sides on one)  and the sub pen. Now I was a little bit surprised to find another copy of the “assets” book as well as the sub pen (the exclusive Gretel is also their as well).

DSCN0677You also get one tray with the MI-13 models as well as the reinforcements for the US and German forces. Their are also 3 dice for the MI-13 forces,10 plastic doors, and the cards needed to use the models.
DSCN0680 DSCN0679

Next we have the rest of the KS exclusives in the form of (the left picture), An extra game board, cards for the models, a transfer sheet, a dice bag, and 15 dice. 6 for the drop troopers, and 3  for each of the other factions. The other picture (on the right) is all the other “stretch goal” models, in the form of  10 more doors,the German drop troopers, and again reinforcements for the other 3 factions.

Ok its time to take a look at the models

DSCN0674 DSCN0673

First up the  US “APE” suits. their are 16 in the the KS Set. Their are 2 different pose of “grunt” and you get 4 of each. Then you have 2 of each “HMG” and Blazer” suits. lastly you have Slugger Murphy and the “sergeant” model.

Next we have the Germans. Their are 2 “blitzhounds” jumping, 1 “standing” blitzhound, Hans, Gretel (1 standard and 1 exclusive), Ilsa von X, and 4 bomber zombies.
DSCN0672Now on to the zombies their are 12 different models, and the KS set includes 5 of each pose giving you 60 zombies (the base set only contains 24)

DSCN0675Next we have the plastic doors (10), their are 2 designs and they are the same as the ones sold by Fenris Games (but in plastic rather then resin)


Next we have the SNAFU models the bulk of which are the MI-13 boys. Their are 10 commandos (2 poses), 4 gut gunners,2 grenadiers, 1 corporal, Paddy Mayne, Zip Kelly, and Gracie. The “APES” get reinforced with 2 bazookas, while the Germans get the 2 Drohnes and the SWD Panzeraffe.


Next we have the new models that were funded by the KS project. First up we have Brigitte (4 models one for each faction), then we have Nigel and 2 MI-13 ack packs, then we have Rosie for the “APES”, and finally Hugo Von X for the Germans. Now the weird thing is I switched these out for the “metal” versions, as I figured that I would be more interested in painting the “metal” versions over the plastics. DSCN0682Next we have the Drop Troopers, their are 6 basic models (2 troopers, 1 HMG,1 Flame thrower, 1 missile launcher, and 1 sergeant) and Hilde Becker a deadly lady with a spear!. In total  their 6 troopers, 2 HMG,2 Flame thrower, 2 missile launcher, and 1 sergeant.
DSCN0683Here we have a “comparison” picture with some other plastic models. The top row are the Incursion models, the second row are Zombicide season 3 models from CMON/Guillotine Games, and the bottom row are Mars Attacks from Mantic Games. Apart from the Incursion models being slightly larger than the rest they would fit in well with the other two ranges. The plastic they are made from is however very soft a flexible (even the doors which are thick) but it does “spring” back into shape unlike the Mars Attacks ones that need to be put into hot water to repose them.

DSCN0689DSCN0686 DSCN0688

DSCN0690 DSCN0692

Here we have the metals vs Plastics. On the left is Zip Kelly and on the right is the exclusive Gretel Von X.

As you can see the plastics are near on perfect copies of the metals however Zip Kelly has a Plastic support to hold him in the air (my metal model has had a pin placed in his foot). The plastic Gretel has suffered from a “pin head” problem, and in all fairness it is the only model out of the whole lot that has a major problem.


The plastics scale up well to their metal counterparts, the only difference that I noticed was the back pack on Hilde Becker was slightly smaller on the metal model than on the plastic version.

I will never get round to painting the models that are included in these sets, I will however paint the “metal” versions and as you can see I have made a start with some of the Germans

Its been a long time coming but it Incursion V2 has been worth the wait!

  1. The Zip Kelly photo comparison is very telling: The plastics in the Kickstarter version manage to be both blobby & nondescript, and lacking a lot of the sharp detail that the metals have. Even Zombicide figures have sharper detail than these latest plastics. Not to mention the mold-lines running rampant all over, and the unfortunate shiny quality of the low-grade plastic. This was not a cheap Kickstarter & frankly I expected higher quality for the almost $300 price-point.

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