We’re On An Express Elevator To Hell………………………………………………

Posted: June 22, 2015 in Incursion, Secrets of the third reich

So its going to be a close race as to which Kick starter project turns up first. AvP from Prodos or Incursion from Grindhouse Games (my money is on Incursion coming in first). Both projects have had their problems and are both well past their “projected” delivery dates. Incursion was meant to ship in March 2014 and AvP was meant to ship May 2014. However the problems faced by the projects have been very different. Where most of AvP’s problems have been copyright Issues, Incursion suffered from supplier problems.

In short the company that was tasked to handle the project, had taken on too many projects which pushed the project further back (despite having 90% of the money upfront!). The difference between Grindhouse and Prodos is, Grindhouse is a much smaller operation then Prodos. Currently their are two guys working away out of a garage sorting all the KS orders out, but they still mange to keep backers “in the loop” with what is going on. The complete opposite of Prodos, who struggle to give you any info (backers have been asking since shipping began about “tracking numbers” for shipments, and still no reply)

Now I had no problem with backing Incursion as I have been following it since it first appeared way back in 2009. And I have picked up nearly everything that has been released (the only thing I am missing are the limited edition tins that were released)


Unfortunately most of my Metal models are in desperate need of a repaint (from when my ex-wife kicked me out). I also managed to pick up some reinforcements just before Maelstrom Games went under a few years ago.

I have to say I am really looking forward to Incursion turning up, but we will just have to see who crosses the finish line first!


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