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Posted: June 16, 2015 in Aliens

So last night Prodos Games put up the rules for the AvP board game on their website.

Look for the Downloads tab and its hidden in their, at the bottom. Now players of Warzone: Resurrection will be familiar with the rules as most of them are the same. And it goes to prove the WZ:R rules can be ported over to a board game, which may lead to some of the old Warzone board games (Blood Berets, Siege Of The Citadel, and Fury Of The Clansmen) being redone in the Future.

Now having downloaded and read through the rules (I’m still waiting for my copies of the game to arrive) I can say it is a different beast to GW’s Space Hulk, but they do share their similarities.

Both games use action points, with AvP giving faction specific actions (like an aimed shot, for the marines). Their are also Extended actions that require 2AP’s to be used (like welding doors shut, for marines).

Both games also use “Blip/Ping” tokens. With Space Hulk each token represents 1-6 models meaning things are pretty random (where as AvP Each token represents 1 model).

One of the things that grabs me is the forces involved. Each battle features 5 marines, 3 Predators, and 15 Aliens. Now the Marines and Predators I can understand, but you only have 15 aliens seems a little bit weird. At first I thought I had missed something, and so I re-read the missions again and it does seem that you only get 15 Aliens for each of the missions. Now any fan of the Alien vs Predator (and Aliens) franchise will know that the aliens are represented as a horde (or swarm) army, but after reading the rulebook I just don’t get the right feel for the Aliens.

Another thing is, in some of the missions the Aliens have to destroy rooms, why? Again this is not something that I can see the Aliens doing. Protecting an area yes (maybe it leads to the hive), destroying an area no. The aliens instinct leads it to survive and breed not to go around destroying rooms, after all if the engines on the ship are destroyed then their is a chance the ship may exploded.

In the rulebook the pictures of the “ping” tokens shows the 3 Predator tokens as being larger than the Marine and Alien tokens. Now the “ping” tokens are meant to represent the motion tracker of the marines from Aliens, the senses of the Aliens, and some form of tracking from the Predators. Now as anyone who has seen the Aliens film will know that the motion tracker cannot tell the difference of what is their (after all it picks up some hamsters in a cage in the film). Its a minor thing and hopefully its just a wrong sized picture in the book.

The advanced rules cover things like Force lists, Creating Your Own hero, Custom Victory Conditions, and what I am guessing are the solo rules (p61 Horde instinct) None of which I would class as “advanced”. Their is however something that is missing. In the original draft of the rules the board had a grid marked on it, however Prodos dropped the grid “as it spoiled the art work on the tiles. A number of backers (me included) picked up the Battle systems kickstarter as it would come in handy for the game. However now models only move 1 tile per move action (rather than a number of squares), we were told that rules for using grids would be included (we were also told that the resin models would be KS exclusives, as would the double sided boards!)

So after reading the rules, I see AvP as more along the lines of a wargame (played on a board) rather than a proper board game. I cannot comment on the Strategy cards for each faction as their are no descriptions in the book (the same goes for the environmental effect cards) but can only assume that the strategy cards are the same as cards used in WZ:R.

Don’t get me wrong it looks good, but as they say the proof of the pudding is in the eating!


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