The Problem with Kickstarters (And Facebook)……………………………….

Posted: June 15, 2015 in Aliens, Incursion, Kickstarters

Over the weekend I have seen more and more people complaining about the Alien Vs Predator Kickstarter.

Firstly we have the problem with the reprint of some of the cards. Now with all the problems that Prodos have had with getting the AvP game approved by 20th Century Fox, this was the last thing that the Prodos team needed. So they decided to push shipping to backers back until the 8th of June. However as with most Kickstarters their communication is rather poor and as people want to know whats going on the two Facebook pages were hit with people wanting answers.

On the 9th one of the UK Prodos team posted on Facebook that shipping had recommenced the day before, and that they would be shipping by backer number.

However a number of people started whining about shipping by backer number as they had backed late in the project, meaning they would not receive the game for a few weeks. Now for the whole KS campaign right up until the page was taken down last year, their has been a number of “whingers” or “trolls” (in fact one was booted from the project when it was active)

However Prodos Friday update caused a little bit of a shit storm

“Orders began shipping on Thursday due to a delay getting the reprinted cards ready and waiting for the special order shipping boxes to arrive.

The parcels are being shipped in a random order to be fair to everyone, this was due to comments made about people having a high backer number upset that they would be last.

The first 150 boxes have been shipped with more following on Monday.”

So shipping started on Thursday and not Monday, and Prodos have let the “whingers” win by sending out pledges randomly rather than by backer number! as you can imagine this has not gone down very well.

Secondly we have the Issue of tracking numbers. In the Friday update Prodos posted this

“Currently we are not sending shipping notifications. This is due to the fact we had not designed the pledge manager to ship in two waves. The IT dept. is working on a fix for this, but we need to be very careful not to mess up the pledge manager code or lose any information.”

But hang on they have been talking about 2 waves of shipping for 6 months! Why leave it till now to sort it out?

The last thing that keeps raising its head is the fact you can order the boxed set in the UK for £67.50 (the RRP is £75.00) and again a number of “whingers” are moaning the KS backers are getting a bad deal! Well some one posted that they backed at the £75.00 (We`re in the pipe, five by five) pledge and that gets him the following

1 box set (£75.00)
5 facehuggers (£10.00)
1 royal guard (£20.00)
1 berserker (£10.00)
* 5 warriors (£15.00)
* 1 predalien (£10.00)
* 4 half synthetic objective markers (£10.00)

which is an extra £75.00, giving a total of £150.00 all for £75.00. Some how I don’t see it that KS backers are getting a bad deal in fact I see that we are getting a very good deal (even better with my “get to the chopper” pledge)

On a side note Incursion is in the UK. and is due to be sent to west wind on Thursday the 18th.


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