That Was Unexpected……………………………………….

Posted: June 11, 2015 in Incursion, Secrets of the third reich

I have just had an e-mail telling me that the Secrets Of The Third Reich kickstarter has been cancelled! Now this comes as something of a shock to me (and many backers). The project has been running less than a week, and had raised £23.073 of the £30.000 goal with 10 days to go.

But Andy and Wendy (who run West Wind) decided to pull the plug on the project.

Don’t get me wrong what was on offer was good but the starter sets that were being offered were nothing “special”, they just contained basic soldiers and nothing “weird”. Take the German set I was going to go for It contained 29 models, which brakes down as follows

5 x command,20 x riflemen (2 squads of 10), and 4 x HMG team.

Their is nothing to show that the game is weird, and for all intents is nothing that could not have been done with the Bolt Action range. Now if you were to add in something “weird” like some zombies and a Jagerhund or a light mech like the Wolverine, and remove some of the riflemen. You would have a starter set that fits the game and would be a weird WW2 starter and not  just a WW2 starter.

I was in the process of sorting out what I had, as I picked up a lot of stuff just before Maelstrom Games went under a few years ago. With the intention of getting the game back out their in the “new” games store that has just opened up in town.

I think one other thing that may well of affected the project was the new Zombicide KS.

Hopefully West Wind will figure something out and get the project back on track.

On another note the ship containing Incursion has docked and set sail again, hopefully we will see it soon………………….

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