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Posted: June 9, 2015 in Aliens

So hopefully within the next few weeks my Alien vs Predator game will turn up, as Prodos issued a statment last week saying shipping would start up again on the 8th of June. No one has any idea how they will be shipped or in what order (though one person has said they will ship in backer order).

So with this In mind I have ordered up some bases from Fenris Games


Who make a range of resin bases and floor tiles with an “Alien” touch to them called the Sulaco range, of which their are two types of base style. The “standard” sloped sided base (as used by Games Workshop) and the “DS” rounded edge base (as used in AvP and by Privateer Press). You then have the choice of “clean” or “Hive” with the “Hive” having various alien organic areas added.

DSCN0659 DSCN0662

First we have the 40mm bases (plain on the left, and Hive on the right) both sets are £5.50 for 8 bases (around 68p each)and as you can see the “hive” versions are based on the “plain” versions. Only the 3 Predators are based on the 40mm bases.

DSCN0660 DSCN0661

Next we have the 30mm bases (plain on the left, and Hive on the right) the “Plain” ones are £5.00 for 12, and the “Hive” ones are £4.99 for 12 (about 41p each) Both the Aliens (15) and Marines (5) use the 30mm bases. I ordered 1 of each 40mm sets 1 x 30mm “plain” set and 3 x 30mm “hive” sets. Turn around was just over a week mainly due to the large amount of orders that they received for these bases (backers have been holding off until we had proper confirmation of the base sizes)

Now regular readers may remember I picked up one of the Wargames Bakery basing pads last year at Salute 2014


But after doing some test pieces I decided to go back to the drawing board (and buy the Fenris bases). the main problem that I encountered was the pad worked excellently with the standard “sloped” sided bases, but with the “DS” style bases it is a lot harder to get it to work (you also use lots more green stuff). I may well use the pad on the EM-4  Troopers that I have, but not for AvP.

The Other thing that I am thinking of doing is having a 3D set up, Now I had picked up the Battle Systems sci-fi complex, but  when it arrived I was overwhelmed by the amount of “extra” work that would need to be done in the form of extra cutting. So now I am looking at the 3D MDF terrain that is available, but until my AvP boxed set turns up I do not want to commit to anything just yet.


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