Beware The Black Plague (And The Secrets Of The Third Reich)………………………..

Posted: June 9, 2015 in Incursion, Secrets of the third reich, Zombicide

So at 8pm in the UK last night the latest Zombicide kickstarter was launched, and within 16 minutes funding ($125.000) had been met, It also sent the Kick starter site into meltdown with many backers getting a “waiting to process error”, I was lucky enough to be on their at 8pm and despite grabbing a “knight” ($140.00) early bird pledge still ended up being between the 750 – 800 backer. Considering its been just over 14 hours since it launched it has raised $1.014.801 with 6495 backers (season 3 ended on $2.849.064 with 12011 backers!). And with 27 stretch goals smashed aside already, will CMON/Guillotine Games be able to keep up for the 27 days?

June the 5th (last Friday) saw West Wind Productions launch Secrets Of The Third Reich 2, now I am a big fan of West Winds Weird World War 2 setting and models. Unfortunately I am a little underwhelmed by the project as the only “new” thing is the 2nd edition of the game and a few of the big Mech models. I have only backed at the “sarge” level but may up it to “lieutenant” level if things start to pick up.

Hopefully the ship with Incursion on board will dock (today or tomorrow) and that will also be shipped to West Wind for shipping out to backers before the end of the month!

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