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Posted: June 8, 2015 in Terminator

I managed to get sometime in to put together the plastics from the Terminator: Genisys boxed set and play a few games with the “fast play” book, I also used some of the plastic “red brick” terrain from Mars Attacks. I have to say the rules are very simple to grasp, the stat line consists of only four stats

Skill: shows the relevant Die that has to be rolled (D4,6,8,10,12, or 20) with the “to hit” number need marked on the card range templates.

Armour: The roll need to save against attacks.

Resolution: How good the models is under fire.

Special: Any special rules/abilities the model may have.

The range templates also double up as movement rulers, and are marked up as crawl (2 inches), walk (5 inches), and run (11 inches) meaning you do not need to use a tape measure for movement or combat. The game is not an “I go You Go” game, at the start of the turn both plays roll a D8 with the player with the highest roll taking the “fate” die and rolling to see how many models are activated ( 1,2 or none). You then activate that many models and then pass the die to the other player, the turn is completed when all models have been activated. Some models have special rules that allow other models to be activated.

Terrain is broken down in to two types, Barriers and zones of dense cover. I have only used “barriers” in my games and they give out a 4+ save on D6.

I played through the first scenario “Firefight” twice (we switch sides and I lost both times), and the second scenario “Hold Your Ground” once (which I won). The third scenario “Infiltrator” uses the other side of the paper map which shows an underground base, hopefully I will be able to give it a go later in the week.

I have only flicked through the main book but it looks very nice, the print is a good size font (unlike some that are printed in a small font). The basic rules cover 25 pages, then their are 6 pages of advanced rules, followed up by 15 pages of setting up for battle, on the last page of this section is a page about using a tape measure for larger games and a new range band “extreme”. The next 11 pages cover the force lists for the resistance and terminator forces (covering both 2029 and 1984 forces). Next we have 22 pages about Narrative scenarios, and then their are 17 pages about painting and modelling. The last few pages cover reference sheets and copies of the counters and templates from the boxed set for you to copy. Their are however two pages (124 and 125) that contain some more 2D terrain elements that are not on the card sheets.

Hopefully come the end of the month we shall see some more models as the film hits the cinema 1st of July in the USA and the 3rd of July in the UK. If the game does well we can expect to see at least another 2 boxed game sets (much in the same as the Lord Of The Rings game from Games Workshop, with each one building on the last). It has been said the River Horses license only covers the current “reboot” films, and not anything from the other 4 films or the TV series.

Hopefully we will get Arnold on a motor bike (their is an option in the book) and hopefully a 1984 version (as it does feature in the film!


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