The Army Of One (Or Four)……………………………………….

Posted: May 15, 2015 in Warhammer 40000

So I finally got hold of a copy of Assassinorum: Execution Force, after a cock up with the online retailer that I bought it from! I ordered it back on the 28th of April but due to a “glitch” with their online store, the order was not released on the correct date. It was only when I emailed them about it that things were sorted out.

Anyway the game is a neat little game to fill in an hour or so with out the need to set up a table with loads of terrain. It took me half hour to read the book (inculding the background) and about an hour to put the models together (the Sorcerer and Assassins need to be glued). I have the four Assassins ready to be painted and will hopefully get to them today in between my knight errant and a squad of Skitarii.

But all this talk of Assassins takes me back to the 2nd edition. When my and my friend James used to play 40k at my house outside on the patio. In those days the two of us would hit car boot sales to see what we could find for 40k, and we built up quite a collection of Space Marines and Orks as well as quite a few Imperial Guard and Eldar. Then one day we picked up a box that contained metal models as well as some plastic models one of the models was an Assassin! Now we had never used an assassin before and our first few games were nothing special, however that all changed with the release of the dark millennium supplement.

Now for those that do not know second edition, dark millennium added psychic powers, more vehicles, more wargear. One of the wargear cards was called Polymorphine, which allowed an Assassin to alter his form to look like a model in the opposing army! the humble assassin had gone from hiding in a bush to hiding in your force! coupled with the right wargear the assassin could complete the missions near enough on his own.

However one day the Ork gods Mork and Gork turned their backs on me………………

James turned up bright and early and we begun setting up all the terrain we had on the patio then we set up the models I went for the Orks and Imperial Guard and James went with the Marines and Eldar. I had a Inquisitor that had turned against the Imperium and had thrown his lot in with the Orks. While James took the Assassin who was tasked with taking out the Inquisitor. We dealt out strategy cards and that was where things went wrong James had got Virus outbreak, before the first turn of the game I had lost 40% of my army! Now I like to think that James was just being nice, and at least letting get a turn in but come the second turn he reviled his Assassin Armed with a Virus grenade! Suffice to say the game was over. From that day on wards both the Virus Outbreak and Grenade cards were removed from our games.

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